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Turkish Antep Pistachios- Freshly Roasted & Lightly Salted

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Healthy Snacking in a Shell
Fine Turkish Antep Pistachios
Roasted & Salted to Perfection

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Gluten Free
  • All-Natural
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Low Sugar
  • High Protein
  • No Sugar Added
  • Sugar Free
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Pistachios are a great health food snack option. Loaded with fiber, pistachios offer myriads of nutritional benefits.  Studies have shown that when you mix some of these wonder nuts into your rice or pasta, the blood sugar response to those starches are reduced.  That makes the pistachio a great friend to recipes being concocted for those who need to watch their sugar levels. Pistachios are great for those with diabetes, those on a gluten-free diet or vegans.  

This particular type of Pistachio, the small, but absolutely scrumptious Antep Pistachio, is grown in Turkey.  The nut is a bit harder to open than the ajar plumper California ones.  However, the small size and hard-to-open pistachio shell here is protecting a meatier, richer taste of nuttiness in each of these Turkish pistachios.

Party planners, here is where you can get your bulk nuts easily.  Oh! Nuts offers nuts by the pound and nuts by the case.  Discounts are given for larger orders.  The Antep Pistachio nut is a great choice for an upscale snack table.  
Low Cholesterol
Gluten Free
Egg Free
Dairy Free
Low Sugar
High Protein
No Sugar Added
Sugar Free
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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based on 125 reviews
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Snack (12)
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The best I have ever had
by Thomas from North Carolina on 12/20/2023
This is the very best tasting Turkish Pistachios-that I have ever had and is the only one I will buy from know on. Wherth the price. Love them.
My Favorite Pistachios
by Dan from Maryland on 8/10/2022
These pistachios are the best i've had in years. They remind me of the ones we used to get when in the Air Force stationed in Germany years ago!
Healthy and fresh snack
by Barry from Suburban Phila on 4/11/2021
Healthy snack. Fresh and tasty
by NancyEF from Tucson on 12/19/2020
I find these the best tasting pistachio nuts that I can buy. The Turkish Antep have more flavor than the USA nuts, and I like a bit of salt. These remind me of the nuts I loved as a child - except they are not red!
Best ever
by Andria from Annapolis on 12/8/2018
I don’t eat any others
Nutty for NUTS!!!
by Robin from Illinois on 1/20/2018
They are simply delicious ... Cant stop eating them . I know its so embarrassing !! Thanks Oh Nuts !!
Full of flavor
by Donald from Kansas City on 8/8/2016
these are really the best pistachios out there. i have tried many brands and after a recommendation by a friend i am happy i found these at a very reasonable price. they were fresh and full of flavor almost as if i had the Iranian.
by dp from on 6/6/2016
I like these, but they need more salt
Best Pistachios I can get!
by NancyEF from Tucson, AZ on 4/9/2014
These remind me of the pistachio nuts I fell in love with in my childhood - small, crunchy and full of flavor. So superior to the California nuts that they're worth every penny! After our trip to Turkey I made every effort to find such nuts here in the US. Not easy, but worth the effort. I always have some in the house for a healthy snack!
freshness is not consistent
by minerva from baltimore md on 3/23/2014
I have ordered these on several occasions. Prefer to order two of 5 lb bags to take advantage of free shipping but last time of the second bag was stale. Could not make a case because I did not open the second bag for over a month after ordered, though kept it in the freezer. Now ordering only one lb. bags, that way if it is not fresh I will be able to send the unopened bags. They are good but not all the time.
Pistachio HEAVEN!
by Khari from Madison, WI on 10/18/2013
WOW, Wow, WOW! Talk about FRESH! A Flavorful delicacy packed into a little nut that's sure to lead to a feeding frenzy. These are OUT of this world DELICIOUS. There is NOTHING at all that compares. Yes they require a little work to open but that's half the fun. If you like regular pistachios, this will be 1 treat you'll never forget once you've tried them. Actually kind of hard to go back to regular after tasting these. Worth every cent. Irresistibly DELICIOUS & actually healthy,lots of fiber, etc. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! You're going to too if you order & try some.
Nothing Else Like them!
by Schiff from Pincrest, FL on 3/23/2013
These Antep's are just down-right delicious. Much more flavor than anything California has to offer. This is my second case order totaling 47lbs; thats how good they are. Much greater value buying in bulk, & getting free shipping. I usually break the case down into 16oz packages & vaccum seal. Takes a little time but makes it convenient to share with friends Other companies just cant compete with Oh! Nuts. I wish they would have more frequent shoppers discounts.
Nothing Else Like them!
by Schiff from Pincrest, FL on 3/23/2013
These Antep's are just down-right delicious. Much more flavor than anything California has to offer. This is my second case order totaling 47lbs; thats how good they are. Much greater value buying in buying in bulk, & getting free shipping. I usually break the case down into 16oz packages & vaccum seal. Takes a little time but makes it convenient to share with friends Other companies just cant compete with Oh! Nuts. I wish they would have more frequent shoppers discounts.
Best pistachios ever!
by SAM from NJ on 11/14/2012
Lower in sodium, but still tasty, these pistachios are fresh, favorful and easy to become addicted to. Smaller than others, but better overall.
by ddallas1969 from glen burnie, md on 5/5/2012
When these nuts are at their best, they are amazing! FULL of flavor and just the right amount of salt! You will never eat California (ack!) Pistachios again. You become a pistachio snob. They are expensive, but that's just the way it is.
Excellent Antep[ Pistachios
by Sam from Carbondale, IL on 3/31/2012
There is nothing better than Antep pistachios! It takes a while to develop the skills needed to open them swiftly
Addicted to Pistachios
by Janie from Happy Valley , Or on 3/26/2012
Watching T V with a bowl of Turkish pistachios ,wine & cheese. That great taste ! Running out ! Getting down to that last handful in the bag . And knowing I should have ordered sooner.
Always fresh and delicious!
by Bobbie from Lowell, MA on 3/3/2012
These are the freshest most delicous I have had in a very long time.
by LA lady from Louisiana on 2/16/2012
These are the best of the Turkish nuts..don't buy any others!
by ddallas1969 from Glen Burnie MD on 1/25/2012
These are now like I used to remember them! Full of flavor and just the right amount of salt! Worth every penny!
Great nuts
by DC Dan from Suburban DC on 1/6/2012
Great flavor, so much better than the bland California Pistachios! Bigger is not always better. Too bad we have such a contentious relationship with Iran, they have the best pistachios!
Love 'em Love 'em
by Pat the Pistachio Lover from Boise, ID on 1/5/2012
I truly love these Antep pistachios. My only wish is that nature made them bigger. I shop around generally for best price, but sometimes, even with Anteps, you get what you pay for. Would love to see the price come down some, tho. Like buying precious metal, this habit of mine. So, splurge and enjoy.
excellant product
by davenduck from north carolina on 11/17/2011
good pistachios but they need more salt!!!!!!
Love the product, loath the price!
by Jack the Nut (lover) from Newport, TN on 11/1/2011
These Turkish pistachios are the best in the world. Nothing grown in the U.S. can compare. In fact, I refuse to eat any other pistachio. But it seems that they get pricier and pricier every year. The product may reach an optimal value point and start to lose loyal customers like me. And we will adjust, we always do.
by mike from new jersey on 10/19/2011
these nuts are the best flavor for the money i recommend them to any one who likes pistaccios
This product is the best.
by Zee Woman from New York, New York on 10/18/2011
The nuts are great, and I would recommend it to friends and family. I ate it strait from the bag.
New favorite source 4 Turkish Pistachios
by Fed up with the other guys from Torrance, Ca on 10/10/2011
These are by far the best Turkish pistachios I've had in some time. The perfect saltiness (many don't salt near enough), nice and fresh, not over roasted, very very few bad ones, and a minimal number of closed ones. My usual source had been too variable in quality and the price has gone to over $80 for 5lbs, `so I needed to find a new source. I tried several other mail order sources and never quite found the right taste or saltiness until now. If my next order is as good as my last one, this will be my go to place for Turkish Pistachios!
I know my pistacios....
by johnnyb from Southampton NY on 7/12/2011
I have used another nut company for pistacios for years...these were just as good..
Great product
by Mona from Duluth, MN on 7/9/2011
Delicious and fresh.
Love them, can't afford them
by Sandra from Townsend, TN on 1/7/2011
These are not only my favorite pistachios, but my favorite nut. Period. However, the price is now so high that I can't afford them any more. It's not Oh Nuts! fault; the cost of Turkish pistachios has skyrocketed everywhere. So, I must sadly bid them adieu until the cost comes down out of the stratosphere.
Turkish Antep Pistachios
by Arleen G. from Holbrook, NY on 12/2/2010
These are the best Pistachios that I have tried. I cant stop eating them, Just the right amount of salt.
I love the taste and quality
by Best Inventor Book @ amazon from naples florida on 11/27/2010
I have been buying the Turkish Antep Pistachios from Oh Nuts for quite some time. I keep asking for more salt in the comments section and they listened to me !! My recent order of 10 lbs have just the right amount of salt to make these nuts taste as good as it gets !! Thank you Oh Nuts and please keep them comming with lots of salt.Signed, a very happy customer
bad and old stock
by krish from nj on 11/8/2010
no help by customer service about inferior answer for e mail either.i will never order from this company again.
Real Tasty!
by Emma from New,Hampshire on 10/31/2010
These pistatios are the far best I've ever had.Though once in awhile there not as tasty or salty.Since I've had these pistatios i won't eat or try any other.. The biggest downfall however is the exspense.
The Best
by DC Dan from Washington D.C. on 10/28/2010
Just like the ones we used to bring back from Turkey!
Amazing Pistachios
by mbear from Boston, MA on 9/26/2010
We love Turkish pistachios. These were so fresh and such a great price. So much more tasty than the California version.
by Dor from CT on 9/21/2010
These are excellent,great snacking for the whole family. They are small but the have big flavor.I no longer buy California pistachios compared to these they are flavorless.
I would buy these again
by ZimBob from Belding, MI on 6/29/2010
I ordered these for my dad, after receiving a order earlier from another company that didn't meet his expectations(not salty enough!)he liked these and will order again!
Turkish Antep Pistachios
by Orb the pistachio eater. from Kansas on 6/28/2010
Turkish Antep Pistachios are the best. They need more salt tho.
The Best Pistchios
by saladman from Blue Bell, Pa. on 5/23/2010
Bought them for a friend. She loves them !!!
Shame on me!
by Sandra from TN on 5/13/2010
I made a mistake. I tried another brand. The other brand was terrible compared to the Oh Nuts! Antep pistachios. Don't feel foolish like I do: buy the Antep pistachios you crave from Oh Nuts only!
by NIA from NEW YORK on 5/10/2010
love em !!
by na from florida on 4/2/2010
only wish here is that there would be more salt added to each nut..some nuts are free of salt all together..
turkish antip pistacios
by salty dog from Naples Florida on 3/18/2010
As long as they are properly processed with lots of salt, they are very delicious. My most recent orders have been salted and acceptable. The turkish pistacios are much tastier than the california variety in my opinion, which I used to eat before I learned about the turkish variety.
Great nuts Really great taste!!!
by Chuck057 from New jersey on 2/3/2010
I cant find anything wrong with the taste I simpley love them!!!
Can't stop eating 'em
by Pugan from Long Island, NY on 2/2/2010
The family goes through them way too fast; wish they were a little less expensive
Slow but still good
by Skeeterbait_tx from New Braunfels, Tx on 1/28/2010
There are none better - but, once you're addicted you'd better just surrender to the urge - regardless of the price hikes (seasonal.) These Anteps are ALWAYS fresh, very few are closed & I like to keep them in the freezer - they seem to last & hold flavor a lot longer.
fresh and delicious
by emma from chicago,il on 1/27/2010
Best Nuts Ever!
by Nana from Niagara falls, NY on 1/6/2010
This product is great, we have been ordering Turkish pistachios for years now, as we cant buy them in stores anymore. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth every penny!
Pistachio Snob
by Jiggy from Bushkill, PA on 1/2/2010
Just the right amount of salt and openness. Friends know I love pistachios, but they always seem to give me the hugh open California nuts (don't care for them.) When I share my Anteps, they taste the difference.
Still the finest nuts on the market
by Pistachio Lover from Cape Canaveral, FL on 12/27/2009
The Turkish Antep Pistachios are the best
You can't stop at just one!!
by Chaya D. from Baltimore on 12/26/2009
There have such a great taste- they are not like the reglar pistachio nuts. This is the only place I know of where I can get kosher Turkish pistachios! I gave a bag of them to my parents as a gift. They loved them!
Turkish pistachios rule
by Never Been Better from Needham, MA on 12/22/2009
Turkish pistachios are so much more tasty than Californian. It's more work to remove the shells but the flavor is so much better that I can't believe anyone would choose lazy shelling over taste.
excellent antep pistachios
by bjbe from boston ma on 12/21/2009
antep pistachio nuts are the best pistachios available to us in america. the flavor far surpassses california pistachio nuts
Great Taste
by KB from New Braunfels, Texas on 12/17/2009
Delicious Turkish Pistashios
by NancyFAZ from Tucson, AZ on 12/15/2009
I keep a jar of nuts out in my kitchen, ready for when I get a snack attack.
The Best Pistachios
by Chef Natalie from Palmyra, NJ on 12/14/2009
Turkish Pistachios are better tasting and crunchier than their easier-to-open California counterparts. These Antep nuts were easier to open than usual, though. Very, very addictive!!
Good Value
by Craig S from Brownsburg, IN on 12/10/2009
Have been purchasing Zenobia brand for almost 20 years, they were out of stock!? Found this product a better value, and liked the resealable bag. The taste is almost the same as the other guys. Would prefer more salt in the process and the reason why I gave it four stars.
Truelly the best pistacios on the market
by Hawaiigirl from Hawaii on 12/7/2009
I ate everything as soon as possible
Nuts about Pistachios
by Pat the Nutjob from Lynbrook, NY on 11/30/2009
For 20 years, I've been ordering Turkish pistachios from another company. But they raised their price another $10 a pound! I found and will never buy from the other place again! delivered deliciously fresh nuts. I have no complaints. Will order again and again and again.
A little bit of heaven!
by Tom from Lindenhurst, NY on 11/26/2009
California pistachios are good, but Turkish pistachios ROCK! There was no disappointment here...Antep delivers.
Turkish delight!
by Shayna Punim from Massapequa, New York on 11/6/2009
Yum! Far superior to their California cousins, these Turkish pistachios are delicious, fresh and an excellent buy for the quality--1/3 cheaper than the other online retail outlet I used to buy from until their prices got out of control. My only quibble is that I wish they'd be a bit saltier, but the flavor is still excellent.
The best in nuts
by Suzie Nut from Long Beach, CA on 11/4/2009
You havn't had pistacios until you have had turkish pistacio nuts. They are truly the best. I can't understand why people would waist their time eating those things from California. I cant wait til I place my next order. This is just an enjoyable experience.
great nuts
by fatboy from south river n.j. on 11/1/2009
Good stuff!
by Mike from Columbus, OH on 10/12/2009
Great price and great taste!
Turkey beats California
by The Saladman from Blue Bell, Pa. on 10/11/2009
The finest pistashios I have ever had!!!
Absolutely Deelish!!!!!
by msloryn from Snellville, GA on 10/6/2009
I gave this as a gift to my husband and he ate the whole thing (1lb.) in a day! Needless to say, I'll be back to order more! :)
very pleased with this product!
by nut cracker from tifton, ga on 9/30/2009
i will recommend oh nuts to all my friends.
by Barb from New England on 9/25/2009
the person we purchased them for said they were delicious. Many Thanks!
My favorite of all time
by Rocky from Tampa, Fl on 9/14/2009
These pistachios are the best tasting. I usually order 2 lbs but will go to 3-4 lbs on my next order.
Turkish Pistachios: Old World Tastes
by Dr Hugo Z. Hackenabush from Valley Forge, PA on 9/5/2009
Best tasting Pistachio nuts on the planet...forget about California dry-roasted Pistachios - for greater flavor, truer pistachio taste, try Turkish Pistachios.
Unbelievable Taste
by Mustang Rick from Dayton, OH on 9/1/2009
An outstanding product. Anyone who has only tasted California-grown pistachios will be amazed by the rich flavor of these nuts. They are smaller, but the intense flavor more than makes up for the size.
Go Turkish Early
by Bill the Train Guy from Las Vegas, NV on 8/24/2009
The taste I remember from living in Turkey, Just GREAT!
by Nancy from Tucson, AZ on 8/12/2009
Rediscovered my childhood love of pistachios when we visited Turkey, and am so glad I can still enjoy these tasty treats in the USA.
Don't Let Small Size Fool You
by Mustang Rick from Dayton, OH on 8/8/2009
I enjoy snacking on these while working on the computer or reading. The shells open easily by hand or by mouth (my preference). I love CA pistachios, too, but these have a uniquely delicious flavor. I do not like heavily salted snacks and I find these to be modestly salted - perfect for my palate
Good Card Party Treat
by Martine from DC on 8/6/2009
You Can not eat just one
The BEST pistachios!
by SandraJ from Tennessee on 7/12/2009
If you want real flavor, buy these! Once I tried the Turkish pistachios, I can never eat another bland CA pistachios again. I buy these from Oh Nuts regularly, since I'm addicted to them.
Good service
by Turkish from Indianapolis, IN on 7/7/2009
The first time I ordered from them, they sent me a stale batch, but their return service was very easy I am overall satisfied.
Oh Nuts Turkish Pistachios
by Big Al from Raleigh NC on 7/5/2009
Turkish pistachios are SO much better than CA nuts. I like them a little saltier, but can't find them anymore. These were very tasty!
Love them nuts!!!
by Speedbumper from Glen Burnie Maryland on 7/1/2009
We love the taste of the Turkish Pistachios.
Antep Pistachios - A bit of Heaven!
by Pat the Pistachio Patron from Boise, ID on 6/24/2009
I keep a massive jar of these pistachios on my desk at work. While the Turkish pistachios are not quite so "open" as the California varieties, the are worth the work! Biggest problems? Trying not to eat the whole jar, and hiding them from my workmates.
These are my favorites!
by Nuts in LA from Louisiana on 6/23/2009
These are a great, healthy snack for anytime you need a little something!
great taste, fine and salty!
by Jo from Annapolis, MD on 6/3/2009
These nuts are fabulous. I thought I only liked Iranian nuts, until I tasted these from Turkey. California pistachios have zero taste compared with these, I am ruined for any other nuts.
I buy this product again and again
by Rob from Westfield, NJ on 5/20/2009
Very tasty, Great Snack
A nut your mother would want you to love
by mattnrene from northern ca on 5/12/2009
Healthy to snack on
by Lynnie from Chicago, IL on 5/7/2009
Once you taste the Antep Pistachios, you'll never go back to California style! They may be smaller, but they pack the flavor & there's no comparison. I buy these in 5 lb shipments every few months. They're the BEST!!!
My secret stash.
by Energizer Bunny from Happy Valley Or on 4/21/2009
These are by far the best i have ever had!
My daughter will not any other pistacio!
by Speedbumper from Glen Burnie MD on 4/20/2009
I have know my daughter to eat the pistacio's for dinner and she will only eat Turkish Pistacio's.
Rather tasty and not overly salted!
by Bill the Postman from Morton Grove, Illinois on 3/24/2009
Within four days I had devoured 2lbs. worth in no time at all.
great taste-not enough salt
by Nancy from Westerville, Ohio on 3/19/2009
just to clarify my cons--the saltiness varies from batch to batch and too many batches DO NOT have enough salt. The saltiness really enhances the intense pistachio flavor that the Turkish nuts are known for.
Turkish Pistachios
by Milt from Virginia on 3/16/2009
If you have tasted only domestic pistachios, you owe it to yourself to try Turkish ones. The flavor simply explodes in your mouth. By comparison, California pistachios taste like a flat beer. it is much more cost effective to order 4 or 5 pounds at a time.
the only nut to eat
by jawja from Atlanta,Georgia on 3/12/2009
these are the sweetest pistacio of all the others, if they are out of stock I wait.....
The best on many fronts
by Lawrence from Austin, TX on 3/3/2009
Big selection, competitively priced, and simply the best tasting Turkish Antep pistachios available.
Great taste
by Loulou from West Monroe, La on 2/25/2009
Very good taste, not overly ripe like the CA ones.
Best Pistachios available
by Chris from Cape Canaveral, FL on 2/2/2009
Thes Antep pistachios are the best-tasting available in this country. They are frsh, and lightly salted, with a wonderful taste.
Turkish Antep Pistachios = FLAVOR
by SandraJ from Townsend, TN on 1/18/2009
If you like California pistachios, just try these. You'll never eat bland CA pistachios again! Turkish Antep pistachios are smaller, but pack a big punch in the flavor department. The only drawbacks are that there is a higher percentage of unopened nuts, and they're quite a bit more expensive. But they are so worth it.
Good and I love them
by Karen from Woodbridge, NJ on 1/13/2009
These are good stuff
Good for the buck!
by nuts about nuts from LA on 1/8/2009
Great snack but would of liked it in a pkg you can store more easily. Quality is good but has quite a few that cannot be opened.
the best
by don d from r.i. on 1/5/2009
i buy these because they are the best tasting, servuce is great,i order in the afternoon,i get them the next day,oh nuts and ups ,what a good team.they are pricey but well worth it!!
Turkish Pistacios
by My Family's Nuts from Midwest, USA on 1/4/2009
Totally Awesome!!
I'm Nuts for Turkish Antep Pistachios !!
by Frankie Peenutz from Albertson, NY on 1/2/2009
I've enjoyed pistachios my entire life and when I discovered Turkish Anteps, I wanted to live all over again. They are absoultely the most flavorful of all pistachios and I will never again visit a non-Antep onto my now spoiled palate. They are a little smaller than other pistachios such as those grown in California but the taste seasoned with a little salt makes them irresistable.
For The True Pistachio Lover
by SAMIAM from McClellanville,SC on 1/1/2009
For the true pistachio lover,these are the one to buy.The taste of these pistachios surpasses the taste of those grown in California. Although they may cost a bit more,they are truely worth the price.
Excellent quality
by Esteban from Grand Junction, CO on 12/1/2008
I let my friends taste a couple but I made them buy their own! They're that good that I just couldn't share!
Tasty and Beautiful
by Daniel from Wheeling, WV on 11/22/2008
These pistachios were the finest quality and best tasting I've seen. I'm so glad I stumbled across this store.
Awesome Flavor!
by Kim from Oconomowoc, WI on 11/21/2008
My boyfriend is from Turkey. We just got back from a trip to Turkey, where I first had a taste of Antep Pistachios, which we bought at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. This order was right on target with the great taste of Antep Pistachios. Would for sure buy again!
usually great, this batch not so good.
by simply robin from atlanta,ga on 11/20/2008
I order from them a lot and have been very happy, this one batch didn't taste as sweet as they usually have been.
by Energizer Bunny from PTLD OR on 10/28/2008
My favorite thing to do is, pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine, large chunk of Parmesan cheese & of course bowl of Antep Turkish Pistacios. Put on a good movie or grab a goood book, doesn't get any better than that!! But watch out ! These pistachios have such a great taste you might want a refill. Now the only bad thing is? Don't let your bag get so low that your counting the days until your next order gets there!! Enjoy Janie Mchorse Ptld, Or
Tasty Pistachios
by Fla Lady Bug from South Florida on 10/23/2008
My only complaint is after eating 4 lbs. I have 1/2 lb. that are closed tight. Any suggestions on how to split them open? I have tried different nut crackers but they crumble the nut inside. At this rate for every 8 lbs. I get 1 lb. I can't eat. This is an expensive loss.
Best ever!!!!
by ddallas from Glen Burnie, MD on 10/22/2008
I buy 5 lbs of these pistachios at a time and, when I am done, I buy more!!!!! They are SO flavorful that once you have had these you will be ruined for any other pistachio! I am in love!
by Quality Sal from Charlotte, NC on 10/16/2008
These are best nuts I have ever tasted, now I am hooked and will be ordering again very soon! This time I am going to order more... The flavor is out of this world!
Always Fresh! Always Delicious!
by Robert the CPA,JD from Westfield, NJ on 10/16/2008
It is great to be able to get high quality fresh bulk Turkish Pistachios delivered. I've missed them since moving from NYC.
by Double D from Glen Burnie, Maryland on 10/12/2008
The Antep Pistachios are not cheap, but worth EVERY penny! They have a unique flavor all their own. I've tried EVERY type of pistachio (even the more expensive ones) and none of them come close! They are always fantastic! You will not be disappointed!!!!!
Needs quality control consistancy
by Steve from Yakima, WA on 10/3/2008
I have ordered these nuts many times. Overall, I think they are very good, but there doesn't seem to be any consistancy in the roasting or salting. Some orders are salted perfect, while others lack salt. Some orders are roasted perfect, while others are burned, or over roasted. It's a gamble each time I order. I keep ordering because the good ones are wonderful and I guess the good makes up for the bad.
Love Them Nuts!!!
by Speedbumper from Glen Biurnie Maryland on 9/26/2008
It is a snack and that pistacio has it's own unique taste. As a matter of fact they are the only ones I buy.
by fatboy from new jersey on 9/8/2008
eat them
by Ddallas from Glen Burnie, MD on 9/6/2008
I have become a pistachios SNOB. I LOVE Antep Pistachios and won't even think to eat a California one. The taste is incredible & once you have had these, they will ruin you for ANY other kind of pistachio. They are expensive, but that is the case no matter where you buy them. OHNUTS has THE best tasting ones around!! You will NOT be disappointed, but you WILL become a snob! Trust me!
The ultimate delight
by Bdddy69 from Buffalo,NY on 6/27/2008
The best nuts on the Web. Great price; great taste.Keep up the good work.
best thing since sliced bread
by Andria from Landover, MD on 5/2/2008
Do not waste money on any other!!!
Turkish Pistachios (Antep) best value
by Grizzlebear from Helena, Montana on 4/26/2008
There is no comparison in flavor against California Pistachios! Once you try these little gems, you will not be interested in the vastly inferior California variety.
Can a nut really become addictive?
by Seth from Oceanside, NY on 4/25/2008
In the case of these Antep Pistachios, the answer is yes. These pistachios are as good as the ones I remember as a kid. More flavor than the California nuts and a much more disctinctive taste. If you like pistachios, ya gotta love these.
Great Nuts, Great Service.
by pistachio addict from Westchester, NY on 4/23/2008
Anteps are delicious and these are the best quality A bit higher priced than the local market, but if you can't find them near you, this is an excellent alternative.
by Big Barbara from Cleveland, Ohio on 4/16/2008
Turkish antep pistachios are the best I have ever tasted. I recently (wthin the past 6 months)discovered Oh Nuts on the internet and have been very pleased. These nuts have always been fresh . To this point I have no complaints and will continue to order on a regular basis.SincerelyBarbara Barlock
Great nuts
by Chef K from Rochester Ny on 4/16/2008
Great nuts for the price and fresh tasting. A good eating nut.
The best i ever had
by Brad from NY on 2/19/2008
Freash yummy
The best Turkish pistachios I ever had
by Kim from MA on 2/17/2008
The Turkish Pistachios I got form oh nuts was the beast Pistachios I ever tasted. It was so fresh I could not believe it.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1 oz (28g)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat13g
Saturated Fat1g
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate9g
Dietary Fiber3g
Total Sugars2g
Vitamin A4%
Vitamin C2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Pistachios, Salt.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products