Hamantaschen – Purim 2009 Selection


– Are three-cornered filled pastries that make for a great
Purim treat. The Jewish tradition is filling the Hamantashen with poppy seeds, but they
are also made with many different flavors like raspberry, apricot, etc. Our
variety includes Chocolate Hamantaschen, Apricot Hamentashen, Prunes & Raspberry Hamantaschen.


Raspberry Hamantashen - 9 ozRaspberry
Hamantashen –


Bulk Raspberry HamantashenBulk
Raspberry Hamantashen

24-Pc Jumbo Raspberry Hamantashen Jumbo
Raspberry Hamantashen


Apricot Hamantashen - 9 ozApricot

Bulk Apricot HamantashenBulk
Apricot Hamantashen

Raspberry & Apricot Hamentashen - 9 oz Raspberry
& Apricot Hamentashen

Prune Hamantashen - 9 ozPrune

Bulk Prune HamantashenBulk
Prune Hamantashen

6-Pc Hamantash Gift Box6-Pc
Hamantash Gift Box


Chocolate Hamantashen - 9 ozChocolate

Bulk Chocolate HamantashenBulk
Chocolate Hamantashen

Poppy Seed Hamantashen - 9 ozPoppy
Seed Hamantashen

Bulk Poppy Seed HamantashenBulk
Poppy Seed Hamantashen

Sugar-Free Raspberry Hamantashen - 9 ozSugar-Free
Raspberry Hamantashen


Gluten-Free Raspberry Hamantashen


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