How to Make Jordan Almond Wedding Favors

If you’re planning a wedding, or another large celebration, chances are you’re trying to strike a balance between having all the perfect touches and keeping costs down. Weddings can be extremely expensive, and it’s often difficult to find room in a budget for favors for the guests to take home. If you’ve been looking for a beautiful, inexpensive way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding, consider making your own Jordan almond wedding favors. Jordan almonds, covered with a glossy sugar shell, are a very traditional wedding favor and are symbolic of the sweet life the bride and groom will share together. I’ll show you how to assemble these favors to create beautiful paper cones filled with Jordan almonds, all for less than $1.25 per favor.
To make these wedding favors, you will need:


  • Craft paper. I found this beautiful paper in the scrapbooking section of a local crafts store for 99 cents a page. The beauty of using scrapbooking paper is that it’s a heavier weight, so the favors are more sturdy and substantial, and there are a huge variety of patterns and colors available. Choose something that goes with your theme!
  • Decorative touches, like stickers, small flowers, ribbons, or decals with your initials. I’ll be using small pearl fasteners from the bridal section of the crafts store.
  • Common office supplies: a ruler, a pencil, scissors, and heavy-duty glue. Especially if your paper is patterned or oddly textured, you will need a stronger glue than your typical glue stick.
  • And most importantly, Jordan almonds! I’m using the pastel Jordan almonds selection from Oh Nuts. These are some of the best I’ve tried. They come in really pretty subtle pastel colors, they’re fresh, they’re huge, and they’re only $5.99/lb.

Jordan Almond Wedding Favor
Start by measuring your paper. My craft paper was 12″ by 12″, and I measured off 8.5″ from one corner of the paper. Draw a straight diagonal line from the top corner to your 8.5″ mark at the bottom.
Cut your triangle out. You’ll have enough leftover paper to make a second triangle later. You now have a triangle with one leg measuring 12″ and one leg measuring 8.5″. Note that this triangle makes a large-sized paper cone (about 5″ long) so if you want smaller cones, you’ll need to experiment and find a triangle size that works for you.
To start folding the cone, hold the paper with the pattern side down, and the point of the triangle facing inward toward you. Keeping your thumb in the middle of the paper, fold the short end inward, forming a cone shape.
Take the long side and wrap it around the cone, bringing it all the way around to the front.
You now have a cone shape, but you probably also have a large hole in the tip, which isn’t very attractive. You’ll need to adjust the fit of the cone in order to make that hole smaller. You can do this by wiggling the outer layer–the long leg of the triangle–around, adjusting the angle in order to shrink the hole at the bottom of the cone. You want the hole at the tip of the cone to be so small as to be invisible.
We want to give our cone some stability, so take the “tail” of the outer wrap layer–that longer triangle leg that you just finished adjusting–and cover it with glue. Fold it to the inside of the cone and press firmly so that it sticks and you can hold the cone without worrying about it falling apart.
Now it’s time for the fun part! Fill the cone with Jordan almonds, leaving some space so that you can fold the top over and seal the cones. For my cones, I used about ΒΌ cup (1.5 ounces) of Almonds per cone.
Spread a thick layer of glue on the top of your envelope, and firmly press it down on the cone to seal it. Finish off the cones with whatever decorative elements you’d like–stickers work beautifully (and provide an extra level of sealing strength), or ribbons, or buttons, or anything that fits with your wedding.
Jordan Almonds wedding Favor
These Jordan almonds wedding favors look so beautiful, no one will guess how easy and cheap they are to make. The cost breakdown for these particular favors are:


  • Paper: 99 cents/page, two triangles per page: 50 cents
  • Pearl fasteners: 40 pearls for $5: 12 cents
  • Almonds: $5.99/lb, 1.5 oz per favor, so over 10 favors per lb: 60 cents

TOTAL: $1.22 per favor
The cost is great, but the bigger bonus is getting completely customized wedding favors that look gorgeous, perfectly fit your colors and theme, and, most importantly, will make your guests realize how much you value and appreciate their support at your wedding.
All text and photos (c) 2010 Elizabeth LaBau


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