Gourmet Supreme Chocolate Babka

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Rich Chocolate Babka with that Fresh from the Oven Taste and Crunch
Serves 6 to 8

Try it also in Cinnamon

  • Product of the USA
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories.
Product package bears reliable hechsher
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Whether you have never heard of babka or are a connoisseur of these cakes with Eastern European roots, you will love the Gourmet Supreme Chocolate Babka Cake from Oh Nuts. Boasting an incomparable fresh-from-the-oven taste and crunch, this deliciously rich chocolate babka can be at your table no matter where you live, thanks to our fast, efficient shipping.

Made in the U.S. using a gourmet chocolate babka recipe incorporating all-natural ingredients, this delicious cake is certified kosher pareve. Rich and densely filled with chocolaty layers, this sweet cake will serve from six to eight and satisfy the cravings of even the most extreme chocoholics.
Product of the USA
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
  Rated 5 out of 5 stars
based on 45 reviews
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Yes To This Babka
by Lynne from Miami on 9/3/2022
Everything about this babka is perfect for me because it is not uselessly over sweetened . It is fresh and has a great consistency as it is solid but not too hard . I would recommend and repurchase without hesitation. Please supply nutritional data .
I would buy this product again and again, was a hit
by Leivy Kern from Israel on 2/28/2022
We had a Shabbathon in Orlando, and I realized that we r missing something to munch after the Friday night meal so I went online on Oh nuts to order a nut platter, than I saw the Babka and couldn't refuse it for Shabbos morning with the coffee. We bought 3 different types, but this one was the most delicious. We will definitely order it again.
This was sooooo good. Will be getting it again
by Bowtie29 from on 11/11/2021
Fresh, flavorful, rich... all around very very good
Feedback I received: "It was yum!"
by LibbyV from Israel on 9/23/2021
I ordered this together with a lb. of chocolate truffles for a recipient in NY. I was told that the babka was delicious! I am pleased with Oh Nuts prices, selection, and exceptional service. I find myself returning to Oh Nuts when looking to send candy/confections as gifts.
I would buy this product again
by Glo from Boynton Beach. Fl on 9/17/2021
My guests loved this.
We will order this again!
by Kiki from Modesto, CA on 6/18/2021
I ordered this along with several other items. I wanted to try one of the cakes and I had 2 friend's birthdays coming up and they were coming over for dinner. I warmed it up for 30 seconds or less in the microwave before serving and this cake was a huge hit! It was flaky and moist and absolutely delicious!!!
Pretty Tasty
by Retired and Loving It from Peoria AZ on 5/28/2021
Can't get babka like this in Arizona.
by HY from MI on 5/20/2021
Received this as a Shavuous gift.It went fast!
Absolute Babka Heaven!!!
by The Babka Nosher from Peoria AZ on 4/5/2021
Oh my! I had visions of chocolate babka dancing in my head since I first saw your picture of it - and it did not disappoint. All I have to say is that I am very glad you are not local. I'd weigh 300 pounds and most if it babka!
I would buy this again. Gone in two days.
by Carolynn from NC on 3/25/2021
Nice and moist and absolutely delicious.
Was very good, especially ala mode.
by Meggus from Missouri on 2/2/2021
We sliced the Babka and served it ala mode. It was very tasty but I was expecting a moister, cake-like product.
A truly decadent pastry.
by summer from texas on 12/31/2020
I loved everything about it!
Delicious Rosh Hashanah Treat!
by Sarah from San Francisco, CA on 11/15/2020
It was really really delicious. I let my non-Jewish roommates try some of it and they were obsessed! This babka was surprisingly moist for being shipped/not fresh. It was a great Rosh Hashanah treat.
Fresh & Fast (taste & delivery)
by Rosemary Fineberg from South Florida on 10/8/2020
Great to send to my family in Mississippi - especially for the Jewish Holidays!
loved it!
by Grammy from NJ on 10/7/2020
Loved the Babka it was perfect moist but not overly sweet. We had 3 different chocolate Babka's for Yom Tov and Oh Nuts was the best!
Mom Loved It
by LB from on 10/5/2020
Got it for senior mom. She loved it!!!
Really great! Cinnamon too!
by Michael I. Sencer from California on 9/29/2020
Great product.
Where’s the Bobka?
by Sam from Frisco Texas on 9/28/2020
Best bobka I’ve had in years.great chocolate taste Keep eating it till it was gone!
Reminded me of my grandma’s babka
by Lisa from New Jersey on 9/26/2020
This was a fantastic babka. The dough was light and not too sweet, and there was a perfect ratio of chocolate filling. Everyone remarked how it reminded them of my grandma’s babka. As this was our first time without her babka it was really special to have one so similar. We were thrilled. Thank you.
Oy was this good!
by Craig from Texas on 9/25/2020
This was indeed the most delicious babka ever.
Best Babka ever
by Golden from CA on 9/21/2020
Bought this for my nephew's family. He told me that it was the best ever!! Moist, chocolate delicious. Will send them another one.
by Dee from Ontario Canada on 9/17/2020
I sent this to my son in Yeshiva, it was a HUGE hit all the boys where excited to dig in!!
A Big Hit!
by Savta from Queens on 8/27/2020
Sent a fun package to my kids as a birthday present hug.... Everyone loved the chocolates and the babka was the biggest hit!!!!
Jewish Father Approved
by Sent as a gift to Florida twice now from on 7/26/2020
I sent babka twice to my dad in Florida and he loves it!!! He said that he can't find any good babka down there. He said the babka I sent is just like he walked into a bakery and bought it and that it is DELICIOUS!!!
Absolutely Delicious
by NancyEF from Tucson on 6/30/2020
My first try with Babka - but it won't be my last! I do like it - and my Home Health Aid just loves it! It's fresh (and the second one looks like it is also staying fresh in my backup refrigrator. Really lovely chocolate (although I uduslly like cinnamon) and slices into a great breakfast treat!
I already bought this again for three people
by Suzie from Boulder, Colorado on 6/1/2020
The friends and family that I bought this for absolutely loved it. (they aren't vegan like me).
I would buy this again
by Greg from Commack, NY on 5/7/2020
Great taste
I would buy this again!
by Leslie from WV on 4/24/2020
It so was delicious! We ate it at Easter. I assumed it didn’t need refrigerated because there were no directions.
by Foody from on 10/2/2019
Awesome taste
by Foody from on 10/2/2019
Great taste
Big hit on the dessert table
by Lhobanb from NYC on 10/1/2019
The chocolate babka was so moist and chocolate-y that everyone had seconds... Even though the table was laden w/all kinds of New Year's goodies, the babka was to first to go.
Now I need one!
by Linda from Hawaii on 10/11/2018
Added this to my mixed fruit order for my 96 year old mother after reading the excellent reviews. She said it was delicious and insisted I order one for myself. As you can guess she's had a lot of babka in her day, and knows a good one when she tastes it. Thank you for offering this special treat.
Absolutely fresh and delicious
by Bugirt from on 10/5/2017
by seasalt from on 9/29/2017
Delicious along with a nice cup of hot coffee.
Big hit with the family!
by Spunky from Foster city, Ca on 9/27/2016
We miss the east coast babka, so this was a perfect for us!
Outstanding Babka!!!
by Jack from Atlanta, GA on 8/17/2016
Babka shipped on date requested and arrives as expected...got it home and completely devoured the first one in 2 days...choclatey, fresh, layers just pulled apart and so delicious...there is nothing negative I could say about this delicious delight...still have one more and will savor it, but I can't see it lasting long either...need to stock up...they are amazing...will buy again & again.
the most delicious babka in all the land!
by Dun from Newport News Virginia on 1/11/2016
Every year I get babka bread for my wife on her birthday, I usually go through a local Bakery, but they no longer carry the babka. So I went to the internet and found this New York based company that look tantalizing. I was so worried for there was only a week till her birthday Christmas Eve, so I called and asked what was the chances of making it happen. Oh nuts assured me that it would be there on time a day before and super fresh. Not only was it there on time. Not only was it there on time but it was the most delicious babka bread I could ever hope for, my wife was overjoyed with my findings. Oh nuts thank you for making it happen see you next year!
OMG I've never had one so good!
by Bonnie from Stratford, CT on 1/9/2016
So chocolatey. So moist. So good.
Wonderful! Fresh and delicious!
by Kim from Greenwood SC on 12/18/2014
We used this product at NIGHT IN BETHLEHEM event. Everyone loved it and ate hardily! I will definitely use it again. Many people purchased loaves as gifts.
A Hidden Treasure
by Pappy from Show Me State on 11/26/2014
This is the first time I had Chocolate Babka,and an explosion of chocatly flavor as smooth silk treated my mouth to beg for more.
Big Hit!!! Didn't last a day!
by Sam from on 10/13/2014
Sent to son in college for High Holidays. He and his roommates devoured it. A big hit!!
surprisingly good
by noname from on 9/26/2014
Not something I would normally buy online, but I was very pleased with this product.
by Uzzie from California on 4/27/2014
We enjoyed this babka and ordered two one to eat now and freeze the other for later. Fresh, great tasting and overall yummy!
Worth sending for from the Midwest
by Babka lover from Madison WI on 11/25/2013
To get my money's worth from the hefty postage I ordered 3 and froze two for a special occasion. Now I don't have to fly to NY any more to get my Broadway Babka fix.
Simply Delicious!
by JanSam from on 9/22/2013
Although the cake was delivered to the Florida address, warmed by time spent in the truck, it was simply delicious!
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.

Certified Parve - Dairy Free