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Bakery Fresh Rugelach & Babka

Satisfy your sweet tooth with bakery fresh rugelach and babka from Oh! Nuts. Our authentic Jewish pastries are completely Kosher and are effect for weddings, holiday parties and other special occasions. Whether you're planning a celebration for yourself or for a crowd, let Oh! Nuts help you carry on tradition without all the work by offering a selection of perfectly baked rugelach and babka treats for yourself and your guests.

11 Bakery Fresh Rugelach & Babka

Our traditional rugelach are shaped like a crescent and are baked until golden brown. The pastries start out as a triangular piece of dough that is rolled around a filling before being baked. Common fillings include chocolate, cinnamon, nuts or vanilla. Rugelach is extremely popular in Israel, but is also a popular treat among American and European Jews. Rugelach are available in several sizes with smaller varieties being referred to as rugelach cookies.

For a more cake-like desert, choose our fresh baked babka. Babka is typically associated with the Eastern European Jewish tradition and is made from a sweet yeast dough. The dough is twisted and baked in a loaf pan with a cinnamon or chocolate filling. It's often topped with streusel. Babka is known for its flaky, layered interior and sweet flavor. While other varieties of babka can be found throughout the world, the layered variety filled with cinnamon or chocolate and topped with streusel is the most popular amongst European and American Jews.

The next time you're planning a party, add a touch of tradition by ordering freshly baked rugelach or babka from Oh! Nuts. Our assorted nut rugelach, rugelach cookie trays and traditional babka taste just as impressive as they look. All of our pastries are freshly baked and are completely Kosher making them a great addition to your next holiday party, wedding or other gathering. Order now for the best selection, wholesale pricing and fast delivery.