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Large Jelly Fruit Slices - Assorted Flavors

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SKU: GJ1491

Assorted Fruit Flavored Jelly Slices

Some of the Best Kosher Candy I've had. Anyone that likes Jelly Fruit Slices, will love these.
  • Item Contains: Approx. 30 pieces per 1 lb bag
  • Approx. Dimensions: 2" Long
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
The delicious taste and texture of these gummy fruit slices make them irresistible. Cut to resemble fruit slices, these candies come in a variety of tasty fruit flavors and bright colors. The crisp sugar topping blends with the succulent chewy fruit candy beneath, creating a unique flavor sensation. Each gummy slice is approximately 2 inches long. Each 1-pound bag contains approximately 30 candies. Colors are assorted and therefore we cannot guarantee the exact colors in each pound. This product is certified kosher pareve under the strict supervision of OK Laboratories.
Item Contains: Approx. 30 pieces per 1 lb bag
Approx. Dimensions: 2" Long
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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based on 52 reviews
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by Sophie from Eastern Coast on 12/16/2023
I bought 2 5lb boxes and gift bagged. Beautiful presentation and took care of my gift giving for neighbors.
Oh Yes - on these Fruit Slices
by Babzy from Mt. Juliet Tennessee on 2/10/2023
My husband loves fruit slices and have been being them at another competitor. I did not know how much more flavor, larger and with the rinds and firmer these were compared to the other. These also came in a sweet little box nicely displayed where the other came in a plastic bag with no presentation. Flavors are so bright and natural. Price wise was also a treat. I will be ONLY buying Fruit Slices from Oh Nuts!
Best candy ever!
by I searched years for freshness like this! from Missouri on 4/5/2022
I’ve ordered 3 items and the quality is so good I want to try everything! Fresh, full of flavor, delivered quickly and beautifully packaged.
Fresh and Tasty
by mwend100 from Michigan on 7/3/2021
Soft and tasty.
by road runner from W. V. on 3/21/2021
They are tasty, but to many orange & lime. How about more red and blue raspberry, cherry, peach, grape etc.
My son-in laws favorite candy. He loved them.
by Cranky Library lady from Lowell VT on 1/4/2021
My son-in-law said the taste was great and they were very fresh.
by DM from South Carolina on 5/1/2020
These absolutely slap. You will not be disappointed. I've never done a review before but these changed my life. *chef's kiss*
Very nice
by DogMan from on 12/4/2019
Very tasty, these are hard to find where I live and when you do they are usually old. These are fresh and soft.
Not quite as advertised but still good.
by JP from on 10/27/2019
I write this for the connoisseurs out there. This product is not quite an exact match for what you find at your local confectionery shop. They are shorter, thicker, and generally taste about the same. The largest difference is the consistency of the jelly of the fruit vs the rind. The proper product is a soft jelly with a notably chewy rind. The product sold here is pretty soft throughout. I would estimate these to be the same product as the other "Assorted Jelly Fruit Slices" you can find on this site just with different visual presentation. That said, it's probably the best product of it's kind to be found on the internet for the given price. Just be warned that my 5 pound box contained 8 of the 13 potential flavors found here.
Poor Quality
by bnk from South Carolina on 7/3/2017
Some of the Best Kosher Candy I've had. Anyone that likes Jelly Fruit Slices, will love these.
Soft, fresh and delicious
by John from Va. on 1/11/2016
The best product for the best price I could find. The first one was just as fresh as the last.
Dad loved the fruit slices!
by Boomer54 from on 7/5/2015
The fruit slices arrived in Florida in time for Father's Day in good condition, thanks to the heat resistant packaging. My only complaint is that somehow there was no card enclosed. I wrote an inscription, but there was nothing included in the package. It was a mystery to him who sent the gift until he deduced it was from me after talking to my siblings... a bit disappointing. But at any rate, he was more interested in the candy, which was great!
Fresh, delicious and beautifully done.
by Jackie from New York on 7/20/2014
We had a Hungry Caterpillar baby shower theme. The fruit slices were part of the theme and used in jelly jars as part of the favor. They were a big hit! Thank you for your prompt delivery and quality product. I also used your almonds for my daughter's weddings. They were beautiful and delicious!
Didn't receive any blue ones :(
by MariaRoseP22 from Cleveland, Ohio on 6/3/2014
I used these to make "candy kabobs" for a luau themed employee appreciation party. At first I had some buyers remorse thinking I could have got fruit slices from the dollar store but when I got then in, they were worth every penny. They were so fresh and so good. I was really disappointed that the blue ones were not included since they were part of my color scheme but they are so good, the employees could tell that they were not the cheap stuff and really appreciated it!
I will buy this again
by mickyme2 from Pennsylvania on 12/24/2013
I have not opened them yet, but when I do I know they will be good.
wonderful gift
by Lynda from North Carolina on 8/23/2012
Very tasty product, makes a nice gift
Colorful Variety
by LL from Washington, DC on 7/15/2012
I love the variety that came in the five-pound boxes. Each box (I ordered 3) included different colors. Unfortunately, the boxes were not sealed airtight and the candy began to harden quickly - this was not great because I had ordered them early for an event.
I d like to see more varieties
by jake from minneapolis,mn on 6/13/2012
ilove your product, but i need more flauvors
Just love these,,,will buy again and aga
by Taralyn from Hayden,Al on 6/6/2012
Couldn't find these anywhere else...glad 'Oh Nuts' has them for me.....Thx
by jojo from Broomfield, Co on 5/21/2012
My mother was craving these, and we couldn't find them anywhere- she was so impressed! Loved them!
Just delicious -- hard to stop eating th
by Nancy from Shelburne, VT on 4/11/2012
Wonderful treat at end of meal.
by Dutchman from Georgetown, Texas on 3/30/2012
I have purchased similar from the guys in Boston (name deleted) which were dry and tasteless. Came upon this vendor and order 2 lbs. Great taste - good size - excellent assortment of flavors. Will order again.
Just like I remember!
by manadx from Franklin,NC on 3/21/2012
Great fruit slices, too much sugar.
by Man Jeff from Minneapolis, MN on 2/17/2012
If these hadn't been quite so encrusted with sugar, especially in the 'peel', they would have been perfect. I know these are intended to be sweet, but the candy fruit slices I had years ago weren't encrusted with sugar, so you could better taste the sour. Still, I give them 4 stars.
by jesse from Houston, TX on 2/4/2012
Fabulous product! Could have used more watermelon-flavoured slices, thought.
I plan on buying this product again!!!!!
by jking from Athens, Georgia on 10/3/2011
The packaging was great! This product would make a great gift for any occasion!
by Candy from New York, NY on 9/7/2011
Exactly what we needed for our candy bar - nice colorful selection
by DivineMissM from Buffalo, NY on 4/29/2011
I remember these fruit slices from my childhood. About once a month mom and I would go downtown shopping and she would always stop at the and buy a few pounds of these. I would take one of each flavor and eat them slowly to make them last.With this order, I did the same thing and shared them with quests. They were a hit and very fresh.
Jelly Fruit Slices
by Iceman from Warren, MI on 3/30/2011
I purchased the assorted Jelly Fruit Slices as a gift for my wife. She has talked about these for years and we could never find any in our area that match the quality that these were. I would certainly recommend this product. As my wife stated they were awesome.
by mmglee from Frosty, St Michael, MN on 1/29/2011
The slices task as they look. The fruity flavor actually makes ones mouth water.When I have 1, I have to have another. What more can I say, I already ordered more. Thanks, Great find...
"Assorted" really means assorted!
by Cain from Belgrade MT on 1/2/2011
These fruit slices are the most flavorful, best textured example of this kind of candy I've found thus far. I was worried about ordering an "assortment", having found that to other companies, "assorted" means orange, cherry, lemon, and sometimes lime - and that's it. To Oh Nuts!, assorted means just that - I received grape, red raspberry, watermelon, pineapple, cherry, orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, apple, blue raspberry, and what must have been peach or nectarine flavor. They REALLY mean assorted! Best of all, these seem to be the most flavorful fruit slices I've ever tried, without being overly sweet or hard to chew. They're perfectly soft and chewy, have just the right amount of sugar on the outside, are just the right size to make one slice a tasty treat, and have prominent flavor without being overpowering in any way. I strongly recommend these to anyone who loves candy fruit slices, or those who would like a fun and tasty party favor to give out.
Great taste; violent colors
by lcr from Shreveport, LA on 12/20/2010
Gave as part of christmas goodies; good choice according to recipients
Passover revisited
by the-locksmith from Milford Pa on 4/26/2010
This is an item that only appeared around Passover, I am delighted that it it now available year round
Deliciously soft and sweet.
by Judaic Studies teacher and mom in VA from Virginia Beach, VA on 3/22/2010
We served these for our Rosh Chodesh Nisan celebration as a dessert treat for our Jewish Day School students, grades K-6. The kids really loved them, and they reminded some teachers (including me) of the Passover candies their parents used to buy. Nice texture, just soft enough, sweet but not too sweet. We will also serve them as a treat at the end of our model seder.
Sweet Gift
by candy lady from grand rapids, MI on 2/17/2010
A gift for my son. We do it every year .. since he was 15 or so. this is his 40th birthday.
Delicious and made my husband happy!
by Judie from Bothell, WA. on 12/27/2009
I gave this as a gift for my husband who remembers his father always buying these for his family growing up. He loves them. He has a bit of a sweet tooth anyways.
by Go4guts from San Jose on 9/15/2009
I bought these as a memory from my childhood and wasn't disappointed.
Absolutely the greatest!
by Sweetie from West Covina, CA on 8/26/2009
These are so great and such a huge selection of flavors in the assorted or separately. Have not been able to find since I visited Canada in 2001. Found these were made in Canada. They are so good and a good replacement for chocolate in summer. Will be buying again and again.
Hard to Find Good Quality Fruit Slices
by Tom the SnackMaster from Meriden, CT on 7/16/2009
These are one of my favorites. I can't find these anywhere with this quality.
These are the best!!!!!!!!
by Katie from Spanish Fork, Utah on 3/20/2009
We love these. They come in all types of flavors all in one box.
Tasty but sweet
by Lori from Cable, WI on 3/17/2009
Very fresh, excellent flavor and texture, and more flavors than I can figure out in the variety pack! I would prefer a bit more tanginess, but my preferences lean towards less sweetness. These are a delicious snack and the perfect balance of "rind" and "flesh." I'll buy them again!
by Higgi from Southern AZ on 3/15/2009
Right back to being a kid and pulling these out of the stocking at Xmas! LOVE the hard outer 'rind' with the oooey chewy slice! Great flavor assortment as well, especially the new blue sour raspberry.... MMMmmmmmmmm!
If it looks like fruit . . .
by Cakelady from Atlanta, Georgia on 3/2/2009
One of the many candies we used on the candy bar for my daughters wedding. They went fast, everyone seemed to like them!
boyfriens favoite candy
by kitkas from florida on 2/26/2009
Childhood Memories!
by Chaviva from Storrs, CT on 2/3/2009
These fruit slices took me back to when I was a kid and my parents would buy them for us at this local chocolatier. They're definitely delicious, each with a unique flavor and perfect for quelling that sweet tooth!
love these,they are so fresh
by foodlover from NC on 12/24/2008
they are perfect
These are wonderful.
by Dominic from Pittsburgh, PA on 10/20/2008
Very delicious and a great value. I'd recommend this to anybody who loves fruit slices.
Fruit Slices
by Andrea Realtor from Spring Hill Florida on 9/17/2008
I sent the fruit slices to my son-in-law. He was very pleased with the quality of the product. They were very fresh tasting. I will use this company again in the future. Very happy.Also the fruit slices are a very refreshing substitute to chocolate which melts in the summer heat
by EO from New Jersey on 9/8/2008
The best Jelly Fruit slices I have ever had!
good memories from childhood
by Charmain from Baton Rouge, LA on 8/18/2008
Some things from childhood back in the 60's stick with you -- this was a remembered treat that was unavailable to me for a lot of years.
Fresh and Delicious
by Gimore from Carlisle, PA on 8/7/2008
Great product . Good value.
The Best Fruit Slices I've Ever Tasted!
by Miss Violet from Southbridge MA on 5/28/2008
Traditionally our favorite candy for Passover, these fruit slices are the real thing. They are wonderfully flavored, moist, and not too sweet. More compliments on these particulr slices than any other kind we've purchased.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
42g (1.5 oz)
Servings per Containerabout 54
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate30g
Dietary Fiber0g
Total Sugars21g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, vegetable glycerin (palm), agar, citric acid, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, natural and artificial flavors, artificial colors FD&C yellow 5, FD&C yellow 6, FD&C red 40, FD&C blue 1

Allergen Information: Made in a facility which processes products containing coconut.