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Oh! Nuts Fresh Gourmet Marzipan Candy Fruits Gift Box

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Exquisite Marzipan Gift Box

Assorted 1" Marzipan Fruit

  • Free Shipping
  • Ships via USPS (3-5 Business Days)
  • Net Weight: 25 oz
  • Approx. Dimensions: 15 1/2" x 9 11/16"
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher Parve under the strict supervision of Orthodox Union.
Beautiful assortment of fruit flavored Marzipan - peach, lemon, lime, orange, mango and strawberry flavors fashioned into pretty fruit candies that come in the brightly fashioned in yellow, orange, green and red colored marzipan. Placed on 3 individual trays in a box.
Free Shipping
Ships via USPS (3-5 Business Days)
Net Weight: 25 oz
Approx. Dimensions: 15 1/2" x 9 11/16"
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Kosher Parve under the strict supervision of Orthodox Union. Certified Kosher Parve under the strict supervision of Orthodox Union.
  Rated 5 out of 5 stars
based on 119 reviews
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Really tasty marzipan
by Jerry from North Carolina on 1/16/2024
Really tasty marzipan, wife liked them too, very fresh!
sent this assortment as a gift- they were thrilled
by dg from east hampton, ny on 1/2/2024
arrived in a timely fashion-
Found the best present for a family member
by Catkind from California (native state) on 12/31/2023
My stepdaughter's mother doesn't like chocolate, which the entire rest of the family delights in. Last year, I heard her say she likes marzipan. Bingo! In 50 years, I'd never known this, or seen anyone of her children or grandchildren aware of it. I made it her Xmas gift last year and later learned that she really liked it. This year I found Oh Nuts!, which looked better and fresher than what I'd located last year, and got a larger box. It was a big hit! She was very pleased and so were our shared children & grandchildren! I'd had an email exchange with Oh Nuts! about how to store the box I'd gotten until the 25th and appreciated their answer. (Keep it in a cool place) The Marizpan fruits were beautiful and the packaging was inviting. Expect me back next Christmas! (Maybe will buy some for me, too.) This looks like a good place to shop.
great gift
by bought for my Mom from overseas on 12/19/2023
I bought this for my mother as a post operation gift. She does not eat gluten & she loves marzipan. This was a treat for her and also something for her to offer her visitors. I would order again, but shipping took longer than expected so I would order earlier.
Repeat Customer
by Amy from WI on 5/15/2023
I buy this marzipan a few times a year. Always comes quickly, never stale. Just to be clear, it isn't "fruit flavored"- just fruit shaped.
Always Soft And Fresh!
by Mr Sweet Tooth from TX on 10/25/2022
We have ordered marzipan from other companies and sometimes it's hard and stale. This is always soft and fresh!!
Old World Marzipan Goodness!
by TMQ from MD on 1/7/2022
just delicious, a lot of them, and worth it! a Christmas Tradition that is always perfect!
Received as a gift. Bought again for myself!
by Meggus from Missouri on 2/2/2021
Best snack candy ever! Absolutely addictive if you're a marzipan fan.
by SandraLBN from NH on 12/9/2020
I am so impressed with this marzipan - it is vibrantly colored, fresher than a 14-year-old boy, and the perfect size for a quick nibble. If you love good marzipan, I highly recommend it!!
Grandma's Gift is a hit!
by Beach Grandma from CA on 6/25/2020
I send the marzipan as a gift and the receivers are always happy. My grandsons don't eat chocolate so marzipan is great treat for them. Thank you Oh! Nuts for making me look good.
I love this product.
by Beach Grandma from coast on 4/25/2020
My teenage grandkids enjoy the marzipan .The boys don't eat chocolate. I sent it them to them for a Easter treat. So they would know I was thinking of them even though we couldn't be together this year because of the Stay at Home.
All gone...
by Nice knitter from Dayton, Ohio on 4/8/2020
My Mother loves marzipan. I buy her a box from Oh! Nuts every now and then.
It's difficult not to eat the whole box!
by critrlovr from Springfield MO on 6/26/2019
I'm glad I found Oh! Nuts. I love Marzipan and it's sometimes difficult to find good and fresh Marzipan. Oh! Nuts was good and fresh. I bought this big box of 54 pieces and several of the big bananas. Everything was wrapped well and in good shape when they arrived. The only thing I wish was that UPS would have either air conditioned trucks or they would deliver perishables earlier in the day.
A perfect munchie!!!
by Rastaman from Oregon on 4/28/2019
So yummy....... Hits the spot for a delicious munchie
Absolutely fresh and delicious
by sueb from Connecticut on 4/27/2019
These are by far the best marzipan i have ever had. Always fresh and delicious. I have ordered other places and they all have a funny perfume taste to them. These do not it is natural nuts and sugar and just are the best very high quality at a great price. Keep doing what you are doing Oh! Nuts your the best.
This Marzipan is the Best!
by Alienqueen from on 2/19/2019
As soon as I use up my box of marzipan, I purchase another. It always arrives fresh and in perfect condition. I share them with my friends at "tea time" and have to limit myself to one "fix" a day (alright, sometimes a few more) -- it's so good! I've made my own marzipan, but I love the convenience and the beauty of these little fruit shapes pieces of pure joy.
I WILL be a repeat customer!
by LJ from Arizona on 1/12/2019
Wow! Real marzipan. What a treat. Haven't had really good marzipan in forever. It arrived unscathed and quickly. Am sad to say it left almost as quickly! LOL. Will let you know when I need more. Thanks "Oh Nuts".
My wife loves Marzipan, and this OhNuts product is her very favorite!!!
by David from VT on 1/5/2019
The holidays are not complete for my wife without a large box of OhNuts Marzipan....her very favorite! As always, the product came promptly, was fresh and delicious (I did sneak a couple of the candies....don't tell my wife!) I look forward to future orders of this excellent candy! Dave in Vermont
by kim from FL on 12/31/2018
my adult children and i love this stuff!
by fcoleman from Mississippi on 12/19/2018
A Christmas delicacy!
Fresh and delicious
by Amanda from on 7/4/2018
Arrived quickly in the mail, and when I opened the box and tasted the marzipan very fresh and delicious . I have never had marzipan that tasted like this so let’s say I will only be eating marzipan from Oh Nuts!!! Thank you you are the best ever!!
Happy Birthday Mom !
by Chet from 31217 on 5/23/2018
Mom used to work in a candy factory 80 yrs ago. Because they were allowed to eat all the candy the employees wanted, they soon stopped grabbing the freebies. Mom maintained a love for Marzipan...hence the order sent to her.
by Kathleen from FL on 3/8/2018
I use it as a gift for my daughter who loves this confection ... always has ... always will I also order it for myself. I share my daughter's opinion, This last box I purchased for myself. I felt I deserved a special treat ... this is what I chose. If you're a marzipan lover, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Great taste, great price, great service, fast turnaround, EASY website to use for ordering, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG, in my opinion. ENJOY !!!!
Delicious addition to the holiday season!
by CatLady66 from GA on 1/12/2018
Delicious marzipan in a lovely package. Just what I needed to get through the holiday season. My great-great grandfather was a candy maker from Germany who had his own confectioner's shop in Brooklyn in the late 1800s - I'm sure he would have been very impressed with this marzipan!
Love your marzipan
by carlye from MI on 1/2/2018
I would also love to be able to buy plain marzipan so I could model my own.
Absolutely fresh and delicious !!
by Ronnie D from Spring hill fl. on 12/27/2017
Very fresh
Fresh, dlicious and fast delivery. Excellent customer service!
by Hammer from on 11/15/2017
Excellent price and premier customer service. Thanks!
i would buy this again and again
by eddy from surprise az on 11/12/2017
tastes as good as it did 50 years ago
Great fresh and delicious candy.
by Bernie from miller place , ny on 10/19/2017
I buy this product for my Brother for his birthday and Christmas. Marzipan's are both a favorite of mine and my brothers family.
yay for "Oh nuts"
by dgordon from fl. on 10/17/2017
The only time I can find marzipan in south Florida is at Christmas time.. so I was very happy to see it here! It arrived super fast, packed well and at an excellent price!
A big hit!
by Kathie from on 8/20/2017
The marzipan was a huge hit for a gathering of friends and family. This candy is delicious and beautifully fashioned. I will definitely purchase again for myself as well as send a box to my family in the future.
Can't wait to have more
by JA1027 from Westford, MA on 6/8/2017
Fantastic Kosher Marzipan
by Kathleen from Florida on 5/22/2017
My daughter's FAVORITE confection is marzipan... GOOD marzipan. I use to purchase it and send it to her for her birthday, but It became IMPOSSIBLE to find and I missed a couple of years. I located it at Oh Nuts and now send her this XL 54 piece box. She called ... the first sentence she spoke was "HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?" ... The first order, 18 piece box went in ONE day so I started sending the XL. VERY happy daughter and MOM. THANK YOU OH NUTS .... for GREAT quality, service and price.....
Very fast delivery
by JoAnn from Big Flats NY on 5/12/2017
Bought the candy for a friend's birthday. He loved it!
The Freshest Hard to Find Candy
by sweetbriar from Massachusetts on 1/9/2017
Marzipan is a traditional German candy for Christmas. Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to find it. Oh Nuts, not only has a good supply, but it is also very fresh and delicious. We appreciated the superior packaging this year, which made it much more convenient to store. In the past we had to wrap the box in plastic wrap. Now it comes in a covered box. However, it is not fruit flavored. The description on the website is misleading. It comes in the shapes of different fruits but the taste is almond. Marzipan is an almond paste candy.
So happy to find this product!
by Anna from Orlando-area on 1/7/2017
We have traditionally had marzipan for Christmas and it's very difficult to find locally anymore. This large-size box was reasonably priced, arrived in perfect condition and our family loved it!
Best Marzipan Deal Anywhere!
by Social Security Maven from on 1/1/2017
Every year we split these gift boxes among the young ones, to their complete delight!
Absolutely Loved and will purchase again!
by Mimi from on 12/29/2016
Daughter has been looking for these all over!!!
by Bourdaloue from on 12/19/2016
Absolutely great gift! The shipping was ultra fast (2 days) and the item was well-wrapped and secured. Perfect for any member of the family or friends. It is fresh, great quality, and beautifuly presented. I definitely recommend this company and the website which is very user friendly.
Colorful and much better than flowers for getwell wishes!
by Cindy Leigh from Virginia on 11/8/2016
Perfect getwell wishes across the miles
A Big Hit with My Mother In Law
by Ken from Williamsburg, Va. on 1/11/2016
This is the 2nd year I got her this for Xmas. Got her the big box this time. I'm good for another year. She absolutely loves It, I never tasted it, asked for a piece, she won't share. Next year I'll get my own box.
Excellent in every way.
by Dee from Marietta, Grorgia on 1/3/2016
My sister gives me marzipan each Christmas. I was amazed at the size and quantity of this box. The beauty, taste and texture is exactly as I have enjoyed for about 50 years now! Excellent value, too, for a candy that is often hard to find. Thank you, Oh,Nuts. I hope that all marzipan lovers find you.
Absolutely fresh and delicious and on 12 /23
by The Woo from on 12/28/2015
I ordered this for Christmas and it came right on time and as usual the candy was great
best price around
by Helen from Seattle WA on 11/23/2015
Our family loves these and we can't find kosher marzipan at a better price anywhere.
Killer candy
by Dave from Lower bucks county, PA on 11/2/2015
My order came quickly and was packed with quality. The candy was so fresh and delicious. I will be ordering again very soon.
Delightful, delicious, decadent delicacies!
by Amy from Marlton, NJ on 10/26/2015
My daughter Madeline's birthday was rapidly approaching. I needed a gift which would be thoroughly enjoyed by her. Carefully I scanned the internet for Marzipan, her most favorite treat in the world! Oh, Nuts! fit the bill!. They have such an enormous assortment of goodies to choose from. Madeline was so happy when she got her package! It arrived on time at her apartment in Tennessee. She is so busy with her studies that she grabs these tasty morsels to satisfy her sweet tooth. Oh Nuts! Thank you for making my daughter's birthday extra special!
fresh and delicious !
by sam from on 6/17/2015
shipping was crazy. it cost as much as the candy.
by Kathleen from Central Florida on 5/23/2015
I order the marzipan large fruit shaped gift box (54 piece), and have ordered it repeatedly for a few years. The quality, appetizing appearance of the marzipan and the taste are top notch. Quite frankly, before finding Oh Nuts ... I had tried other company's marzipan offerings. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT ... my daughter actually asked me NOT to send that company's marzipan again. THANK YOU, OH NUTS for such GREAT quality products, and friendly, helpful customer service people to speak with. It is ALWAYS a pleasure ordering from you. I KNOW I can RELY on you to get my order where it needs to be on time and the taste and quality will be first rate. I have NEVER been disappointed.
Cheaper Than Flowers and They Last Longer
by Steve from Chicago on 4/20/2015
I sent the marzipam box out as a gift and the recipient loved them. On top of that, the shipment arrived there on exactly the day you promised. I am a hero! Thanks.
fresh, great buy good quality
by trezzle from nj on 4/7/2015
using for a bridal shower treat in a secret garden themed event
I will buy this again, very nice
by genevieve from Florida on 4/4/2015
My Mom was vey Happy, it remindes her of the season in France.
by EddieBrock from San Francisco, CA on 1/28/2015
We devoured this item! We couldn't decide on candy or nuts, so we got a candy made out of nuts! Oh Nuts rules!
I would buy this again
by Yukon Jack from on 1/19/2015
We have tried various commercial marzipan selections. Of those, this si by far the best in terms of taste and freshness. No mealy tasteless marzipan here!
A Big Hit on the Candy Buffet...
by E-Vet from Chicago on 1/7/2015
Over all I was pleased. Was a gift to someone for Christmas. And when we all got together for dinner, some of it was used as a sweet on the dessert Buffet table. It was very fresh and the colors and fruit shapes, very pretty. It was a hit!
Absolutely delicious.
by marzipan from on 1/3/2015
Absolutely delicious. I only allow myself to eat this at Christmas time and was delighted to see that it was absolutely worth the calories!! It was also beautiful, as marzipan should be.
Was a pretty (shared) Christmas gift
by E-Vet from Chicago on 12/31/2014
It was purchased as a gift and to be put out on the buffet Christmas day. Over all I was very happy with the "customer service", the promptness, and the freshness and appearance of this product. Thank you!
One of the few places we can still find marzipan
by Sweetbriar from Raynham, MA on 12/29/2014
We like to have marzipan for Christmas. This is an old German tradition. Oh Nuts is one of the few places we can still find it and the candy is fresh and delicious. Delivery is almost immediate.
I buy this product every year at Xmas for each member of my family. We have never been disappointed with the quality and freshness of the product.
by Deb from on 12/29/2014
Always fresh and delicious
Abosolutely and Delicious
by Polito from Davenport, Florida on 12/24/2014
A big hit on the Candy Buffet Fresh and very good Not a good presentation for Gifts
Great deal!
by Colleen from on 12/17/2014
Ships quickly!
Best Marzipan I've Had!
by Naphtali from on 12/15/2014
This marzipan comes in fun and tantalizing shapes, and a taste to back it up. Although it could have used a more storage, conscious packaging, it's still great and have a longevity despite its packaging.
My Wife Loves her Birthday Marzipan's!
by Dave in VT from Belmont, VT on 12/4/2014
Among the perfect treats for my wife's birthday included my order for Marzipans. The order came on time, the product was (as always) amazingly delicious and my wife was delighted! I highly recommend this company and this product! PS. So glad she is sharing the candies with me!
The best thank you
by Stephcivi from on 10/24/2014
it's fresh, super deli yummy we need more :)
bought these a while ago and they were delicious
by Marzi lover from on 8/8/2014
They were fresh and the price was incredible.Thanks
by jek from michigan on 2/9/2014
Tasty & fresh. Totally satisfies my marzipan cravings.
excellent marzipan. definitely a do over.
by David from Oklahoma on 1/27/2014
excellent ease of order, superior tasting Marzipan
We loved it!!!
by Miss Matt from Hanover, Pa on 1/25/2014
This time was for a gift, next time will be for myself, I truly love your marzipan......Thank you!!
Beautiful presentation
by jkimble from Wisconsin on 1/19/2014
Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my Dutch son-in-law. He loved it! Said it tastes just like home.
I will be a repeat customer !!
by Charlie from Upstate New York , 35 miles south of Canada on 1/13/2014
My family and friends who receive some of my order as a gift , really love the candies ! And I love them too ! They would be hard to beat in flavor , and are beautiful to the eyes !!
My son loved this marzipan!
by vtpoohbear from Vermont on 1/8/2014
My adult son is a marzipan freak, and receiving a gift of this goodie at holiday time has become a highly anticipated tradition. We dole it out to him in small amounts so that he doesn't go through it too quickly. Quality is great and you can't beat the price.
The perfect Christmas candy!
by Nms from on 1/2/2014
I have to have marzipan every Christmas.
Very fresh
by tcba from on 12/30/2013
The product arrived very fresh. A good value for the money as well.
Just as good as I remembered!
by Linda from on 12/29/2013
When I was a little girl, Christmas always meant marzipan candies, which my aunt used to get in Little Italy (NYC). I didn't see any in our local stores, so I ordered from Oh, Nuts! and we were so happy with the product. It was every bit as good as I'd remembered those others being and everyone enjoyed the marzipan. Thanks for bringing back such good memories and helping us make new ones for coming years.
by Deb B from on 12/27/2013
Fast shipping
by J. Ott from Rochester NY on 12/5/2013
Shipped very fast and was delicious. One of the few places I can still find marzipan candy and the price is great!!
by Matteo from South Carolina on 11/29/2013
Bought these for my dad for this birthday and he loved them, they are very hard to find in the south sadly, we miss the north but this site has some good marzipan which is hard to find that they are just right
Just what I needed!
by Dragonfligrandma from Northeast Iowa on 11/23/2013
Christmas calls for marzipan in the stocking, and I look for it every year. This provides an adequate supply, in one easy package. Great!
Delicious & Great Price BUT...They need to wrap it nicer!
by DisneyMom from Long Island on 11/19/2013
I bought this for my dad and had it shipped to his home with a gift card. I was disappointed with the way it is wrapped for customers. It's three plastic inserts in a flimsy cardboard bottom frame with Saran Wrap on it. Definitely not very pretty for gifting. I'd suggest better packaging. As tasty as these candies are--and they are DEFINITELY delicious and fresh--I would not gift this to anyone else again. I may order them and wrap them in a gift box by myself before gifting. Again...they are fresh and taste great, I don't want that fact to go unrecognized. But if you're looking to send as a present to someone's home, I'd think again.
Delicious and Authentic!
by loved it from s.florida on 11/13/2013
I have ordered from other places. These were the best! Buy 2 packages the 1st one will go fast.
Beautiful and delicious, I will definitely buy again!
by Seth from on 11/6/2013
The box arrived exactly when it was supposed to and there was actually more in the box than I expected! The candy was super soft and fresh, and tasted fabulous. It was absolutely amazing and didn't last very long, everybody in the house loved it. I plan on getting this again when I get some extra money, and will definitely recommend it to others.
Fresh, delicious, big pleaser, great price, will be back for more!
by Rizzo from on 10/29/2013
I have been hunting for marzipan for a long time. Not sure if people enjoy such an old time treat anymore and that could be why it's so hard for me to find it. Quick browse online brought me to many sites, but one had me at hello! Here I am today writing to whom ever will read this about the wonderful hard to find goodies in bulk. My personal pleasure and holidays will include many of the wonderful treats from this site! I have had marzipan from a few different gourmet places in my city and they just don't stand up. Some are just not well cared for or sloppyishly put together. Oh! nuts gave me my childhood treasure back and I'm happy! Thank you so very much and I look forward to sharing my holiday treats and memories with my friends and family. Best Regards Rizzo
Best Marzipan I've had in a long time
by Good Candy from Colorado on 9/30/2013
It is fresh, tastes great.
Fabulous and tasty!
by FoodieK from on 8/23/2013
Some of the best marzipan I ever had!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
by Jen from Florida on 8/20/2013
My headline is exactly what was written in the text message my mother sent me when she received her favorite candy via UPS. Thank you for putting a smile on her face and allowing her to enjoy the best marzipan candy she's tasted in a long time.
Absolutely fresh and Delicious !
by sunsilk 28 from Lansdale,PA on 8/19/2013
We had ordered these Gift boxes for my son's Engagement party and I was absolutely delighted with the presentation and the quality of the Marzipans. Would definitely recommend this !
by Kathy from DeLand, FL on 5/22/2013
The quality and freshness of the marzipan is "top of the line". My daughter and I both love marzipan ... good marzipan. Until I discovered Oh Nuts! it was virtually impossible to find. I send this gift to my daughter for very special occasions. In the past .. before I discovered Oh Nuts, there were some real disappointments. I just sent this for birthday/Mother's Day. She called me right away saying, "Have I told you lately how much I love you!! It's great! " I knew I had found a real hit with Oh Nuts! and this beautiful marzipan. I plan to continue sending this as well as buying it for myself. THANK YOU Oh Nuts! The quality is exceptional, the ordering process is easy, it's priced reasonably, and shipping arrives when promised. You just can't beat that!
General McAuliffe was right when he said {Oh}
by RogerMichael from Bakersfield, California 93308 on 5/1/2013
It took this reporter six days to consume the Marzipan fruit and I usually refigerate my candies to take longer absorb within my palate. The marzaipan fruit was good and very fresh. I'm coming back for more orders on Christmas and Channukah. my family and relations will enjoy this candy marzipan that's been around since the time of the Roman Republic and empire. It's my favorite candy and I'll definitely will come again and order more soon before long. It saddens me that you cannot mix the vegetables with the fruit. I know it's all psychological but I enjoy your potato marzipan as well. Thank you. I 'm glad you sell it because Swiss Colony no longer does....
awesome confections
by gary from smithfield utah on 4/1/2013
gave away as presents to people who have never tasted marzipan. excellent responses from all parties. thanks again
A big hit at the meeting - would buy again and again!
by Dipsie from Albert Lea, MN on 2/23/2013
Had to provide a lunch at our Sons of Norway meeting and decided to get the Marzipan as it is always a big hit.
As good as German marzipan
by Ruth from Oxford, MS on 2/14/2013
I gave this product as a gift to a friend who has loved marzipan since first introduced to this candy as a child in early 1950's German (her dad was in the Army). From the first bite, she RAVED about it and said it compared very favorably to the German marzipan she had had as a kid. The only negative is less than stellar, not entirely air-tight packaging. But given the price and rapid delivery, that can be overlooked.
I would buy this product again and again!
by Susan H. from Boston MA on 1/25/2013
I received this product within days of ordering it. I couldn't wait to get it so it was with a great delight that it arrived so quickly. The fruit marizapn was so delicous, my family and I finished it within a few days of receiving it! I would order this product again and again. Thank you Oh! Nuts for great service.
best marzipan I have ever had. Fresh almond taste. Not too sweet, delicious!
by Nutfan from on 1/8/2013
Chose this product because almonds are the first ingrediant, not sugar. Super fresh, our guests loved them!
Absolutely fresh and delicious
by Marigay from Carrollton, TX on 1/8/2013
Given as a Christmas present to folks who had never tried Marzipan before. They loved it.
Very fresh
by Supersquirrel from seattle,wa on 1/5/2013
Purchased as a gift at Christmas for my husband and two other family members. Couldn't find this product in my local store, so thought I would try ordering on line. Looks great, taste is average. Did find some spots in the candy that seemed like clumps of sugar crystals.
Love it, love it
by Evie09 from Jacksonville, FL on 5/20/2012
The marzipan is great as a treat, snack or dessert. It's great to have for guests or to give a a gift. If you really like almonds, you'll love these marzipan. I have bought before and will again.
Looks real, taste great
by Mona from Omaha, Nebraska on 5/12/2012
I used the marzipan fruit on a wedding cake that had a tropical theme, it looked wonderful and tasted good also. I would recommend this product
Great Deal!
by Sam the food man from Florida on 4/9/2012
Sweet Fits
Oh! I love this product
by Evie09 from Jacksonville, FL on 3/15/2012
I really love this product and have for a long time. I had not been able to get it anywhere until I found This product is good anywhere, anytime, and for anyone who likes this kind of product.
by moosish from Mid-Hudson Valley in NY on 1/21/2012
Delicious, perfect, sweet marzipan flavor, no matter which color "fruit" you select. Buying this triple box is a real money-saver, although I would like them even better if each of the trays came with its own hard plastic top to help them stay soft and fresh.
Very good
by Mar from kansas on 1/17/2012
Very good
Great value. Superior Quality.
by schreck from chicago on 1/10/2012
Use it as a delicious accent on a cake,or it can stand just the way it is on it's own. This is an attractive old world treat.
excellent quality and price
by SB from Willimantic, ct on 12/30/2011
Very hard to find. Used in cookie trays, gifts, my son loves it!
Best Marzipan
by Megan from Exton, PA on 12/19/2011
This marzipan is one of the bests we have had in a long. Very fresh, very good taste, my family loved it!
Great Marzipan
by Matteo from Myrtle Beach, SC on 12/3/2011
I bought this for my dad and he said it tasted almost as close that the one's I bought in Firenze, Italy so if your looking for amazing marzipan then these are for you.
Good value
by Sweets Lover from Cape Coral, FL on 11/12/2011
Very nice tasting marzipan...a terrific price....but I think the shapes could have been done nicer........all in all can't find a better value!
a sweet deal
by big daddy from ridgewood ny on 8/25/2011
excellent value,blows away the stuff from my local bakery,u got a customer 4 life
Wish I could get thise in the store!
by debbylm567 from Brooklyn, NY on 3/31/2011
Love them. The only problem is they are only available in the store Purim time. Wish I could buy them there all year round.
Best buy yet
by Jessijae from Rock Springs Wyoming on 2/22/2011
I bought this product as a gift for my family on a visit back home. We are all marzipan lovers but it is very hard to find. This is the absolute best price you can find and the quality is great, the only reason I am giving this four stars is because on the smaller box I ordered it looked as if the marzipan was slightly melted, however the bigger box is perfect. I will be using these as tasty table decor for my summer wedding. Thank you for a great product!
Superb Marzipan!
by Trader Bill from Huntington, NY on 1/6/2011
72 pieces was not enough. My wife and I couldn't keep our hands off of this marzipan. Wonderfully fresh and delicious!!!
Inexpensive but good
by Lcr from Shreveport, LA on 12/20/2010
Gave with Christmas goodies. Not the absolute best marzipan I have ever tried, but very good, especially for the price. Good package size.
love this sooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!
by janine from atlanta on 12/9/2010
we just eat it and cant stop !!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent product...
by K1cker from Mineola, NY on 11/10/2010
The only thing wrong with this is that it tastes so good, it doesn't last too long. Just couldn't stop eating it!
Cute for Tu B'Shvat
by Munchkin from Silver Spring on 2/2/2010
I like marzipan and especially use it around Tu B'Shvat. This is a tasty product, has subtle almond flavor, and consists of pretty colored and fruit shaped pieces (not the flavor of the fruit shape) . Lovely on dessert platters and table as accents. I use them for decorating and splashes of color.
Tons of Marzipan!
by Joy from Evergreen Park on 1/5/2010
A gift for my Mom the Marzipan lover. There's no where else online you can find such a great amount of Marzipan in one giftbox. Although a nicer gift box would've been nice....But I'd rather sacrifice fancy packaging for amount of candy.
by klee from montreal, canada on 9/18/2009
They helped decorate my sweet table....
I'd buy this product again and again!!!!
by Bride to be!!.. from Venezuela!! on 7/1/2009
I would buy this again.
by Hank from Scottsdale, Arizona on 2/22/2009
This makes a nice gift to anyone who enjoys marzipan.
Good Value
by The Purple Lady from Bartlett, TX on 12/17/2008
This is a good buy for marzipan and the presentation was excellent. It will make a great gift.
"I would buy this product again and agai
by Corry from Northridge, CA on 8/17/2008
I just love this little delicacies. Very hard to find, and when you do they are way to expensive for what you get. This was the best buy ever. They are an acquired taste, but when you love them as much as I do, the skies the limit in getting them.
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.

Certified Kosher Parve under the strict supervision of Orthodox Union.

Ingredients: Almond Paste, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Sorbitol, Certitied U.S. Colors (FD & C Yellow #5, & #6, Red #40 & Blue #1).No Artificial Preservatives.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products