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Super Fine Assorted Sugar Free Jordan Almonds

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Bestselling Jordan Almonds
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No Sugar Super Fine Candy Coated Jordan Almonds

  • Sugar Free
  • Product of the USA
  • Approx. Dimensions: 0.5" x 1.1"
  • Item Contains: approx. 500 pcs.
  • Amount of 2" x 2" Favor Boxes per 1 LB: Approx. 6
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Make sure that all of your guests are able to enjoy the sweet treats at your party with these Super Fine Assorted Sugar-Free Jordan Almonds from Oh! Nuts. These party favor candies are colorful, candy-coated almonds, just like the original Jordan Almonds. However, they're sugar-free and sweetened with Maltitol instead. This sugar-free candy option is perfect for those with dietary restrictions and issues with high blood sugar. These sugar-free Jordan Almonds feature bright colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow, green and white. Use them to stock a candy buffet or candy bar or use them as party favors for a wedding or shower.

Our sugar-free Jordan Almonds are pre-packaged in small, square favor boxes. Each pound that you order contains approximately six favor boxes and 100 Jordan almonds. Choose from an 8-ounce bag, a 5-pound box and a 30-pound case of almonds.

Super Fine Jordan Almonds.

Contains approx. 50 Jordan Almonds.

Sugar Free
Product of the USA
Approx. Dimensions: 0.5" x 1.1"
Item Contains: approx. 500 pcs.
Amount of 2" x 2" Favor Boxes per 1 LB: Approx. 6
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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by LEE from on 9/26/2016
Can't believe these are sugar free. Great taste and very fresh.
I would buy these again!
by smgrabby from southern california on 10/15/2014
This was a great tasting sugar free candy. It taste very close to original candied almonds
Big & Tasty!
by Dasher from New York City on 4/29/2014
Since we all try to eat as little sugar as possible, I thought I'd try the Oh, Nuts! sugar-free Jordan almonds. Wow...was that a great choice! First of all, they're shipped in individual resealable plastic bags by the pound (buy 4 pounds, get 4 bags.) Then, the almonds themselves were huge, tender and tasty. They were actually the biggest almonds I've seen in years. The candy coating was just right, sweet and with just a hint of vanilla in the candy shell. I found it virtually impossible to put them down. If you want a snack that';s good and good for you, give these sugar-free Jordan almonds a try. I'm betting you won't regret it.
Can't Stop Snacking!
by dasher23 from Philadelphia on 4/11/2014
Saw these on the website and decided to order 4 bags...and, am I glad I did! The almonds are the biggest I've seen! They're also fresh and delicious. The sugar-free coating has no bitter or bad tastes just like sugar with a light hint of vanilla...only without the negative effects of sugar. I've loved Jordan almonds since I was a kid but couldn't eat them because of the sugar; now, I don't have to worry about that. Thanks to "Oh, Nuts" sugar-free Jordan almonds I can snack away without any guilt.
by retiredcatlady from Riverside, CA on 3/10/2012
I purchased these for my roommate who has diabetes and has to follow a really strict diet. She so loved them, that I was the Heroine. She said she woofed the first bag and then is saving the 2nd bag for when she absolutely has to have something sweet. This website is wonderful. Thank you 'Oh Nut's.
Delicious but Damaged in Shipping
by Mar from Orlando, FL on 11/22/2011
While the taste was wonderful, the outer candy shell was cracked and the almonds were in half pieces in most of the bags. Apparently they were damaged in shipping.
I would buy this product again.
by Jake from LAke Worth, FL on 9/8/2011
Though I have not tasted the almonds, the recipient has raved over and over about the quality. They said you would never know that they were sugar-free. Loves every one.
Great tasting almonds
by Shorty from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on 6/19/2011
I'm a diabetic and had a few Jordan Almonds as a snack one day. I decided to try and find a sugar free and originally ordered two pounds. My children and grands can't tell the difference but I hide them. I keep enough snacks and fruits for them. Great sugar free snack. Just ordered four pounds. Hope it last four weeks
I will purchase this item again
by Jerry from Aberdeen,WA on 11/24/2010
Excellent sugar free produce.
Great hard to find item
by Mark from Maryland on 10/27/2010
Great tasting, hard to find item. Cutting down on sugar, I thought I'd just never get any more opportunities to enjoy one of my favorite sweets. These are as good as the sugared ones. Highly recommended item and highly recommended seller.
Excellent sugar-free nuts!
by Neverafreemoment from Snohomish WA on 10/26/2010
These almonds are my reward for a long day. I always have them by the TV and when I get a chance to rest in the evening - there they are to curb my snacking compulsion. Healthy and satisfying - a diet saver!
very happy
by KSG from Little Rock, AR on 10/17/2010
I am so glad to find Oh Nuts so I can get an assortment of snacks.
Best ever
by Morry from New York, NY on 7/19/2010
Nothing but positives about this product. I discovered recently that I have type 2 diabetes and need to avoid sugar and simple carbs. I've always loved Jordan Almonds and have tasted many varieties in my time. I expected a sugarless version to be somewhat inferior, but these are actually SUPERIOR to any other I've ever had. The same crunch and sweet taste as the best others, but the almond flavor is a bit more intense AND the almonds QUICKLY crunch down into a "marzipan-y" taste and consistency as you chew. They must be very fresh almonds, not dried out and hard as rocks, as you often get with jordan almonds. Almost a creamy texture, full of sweetness and loaded with almond flavor after a few seconds of crunch and chew, about 1/4 the time it takes to "chew down" the often rock-like almonds in other brands I've tasted. These are just super, the best I've ever tasted.
Sugar free Jordan almonds
by Janech from Austin Texas on 7/6/2010
This is a great product ad takes care of the sweet tooth
Absolutely Delicious!
by Lady Lynn from Jenkintown, Pa on 4/29/2010
These almonds are the best I've ever tried. They are a thin shell of sugarless candy over a large, tasty premium almond. The candy coating has a perfectly balanced vanilla flavor that is very appealing. I even like the soft colors... they make the little treat almost irresistable.
Great fix for a sweet tooth.
by Sweet tooth Hannah from Elk Grove Village, IL on 3/19/2010
Reducing the amount of sugar I consume, decided to treated myself to the sugar-free Jordan Almonds. Right from the first bite, I was hooked and addicted.
I would buy the product again and again
by Fred from Crawfordville, FL on 7/27/2009
Totally delightful!
I would by this product again and again
by Luna from Orlando Florida on 6/23/2009
Best price and great product.
Third time I have ordered!
by CMS from Lancaster,PA on 5/11/2009
I have always loved Jordan Almonds, but I do not eat sugar, so I have avoided them for years. This sugar free version tastes great! A few after dinner is enough to satisfy my sweet craving. I ordered 5lb bulk, they arrived neatly packed & withen a day after ordering.
People are Nuts about these!
by Sassy Sue from Rochester, NY on 2/21/2009
This is a sure-fire winner for the person that wants a nutty, sweet treat and does not want or can eat sugar.
by SweetTooth from Asheville, NC on 1/30/2009
Not as sweet as the regular Jordan Almonds, of course, but they are pretty good for something sugar free.
Very good, not totally sugarfree
by SF from San Ramon, CA on 1/29/2009
Not entirely sugarfree.....very good though.
Sweet Treat for Diabetics
by Jen the Diabetic from Memphis, TN on 1/9/2009
My mom loves Jordan Almonds, but since she has 2 diabetics living in her household that help her out with eating the almonds, I bought her the sugar free kind as a Christmas gift. The sugar free almonds are good and will satisfy your sweet tooth, but they do not taste as good as the regular, sugar kind. My sister got our mom the regular kind, and my dad and I, the diabetics in the household, eat the sugar free ones. I would recommend these to any diabetic or person trying to watch their sugar. They are very good to be sugar free!
by NO NICKNAME from DALLAS TX on 12/30/2008
Great Taste for Sugar Free Candy
by The Purple Lady from Bartlett, TX on 12/17/2008
These Jordon Almonds are a healthy snack for the health conscious.
I will buy this produce again!
by g80215 from Lakewood, CO on 11/7/2008
Without a doubt, these are the best sugar free almonds - PERIOD!
Don't judge a book by its cover
by Pat the Cook from Ardmore,Ok on 8/17/2008
Can't find good Sugar Free candy in my small town. Being a Diabetic I can't have sugar so these sugar free candy are just like eating the real stuff only better. I will buy more and try different kinds. Keep up the GOOD work.
I would buy this again and again overall
by Eagleman from Orange County, California on 6/23/2008
Great product, do not change this formula.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1.41 oz (40g)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat8g
Saturated Fat0.5g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate28g
Dietary Fiber2g
Total Sugars0g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Maltitol, almonds, soy flour, certified flavors and colors, yellow lake #5, Red #3 & 40, Blue lake #1 & #2, titanium dioxide, gum arabic & carnauba wax.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products.