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Rosh Hashanah Gift Bundle

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Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Your all-in-one Rosh Hashanah Pack. 1 Honey Loaf, Honey Bottle, 1 bag Dates, Apples, Pomegranate, Teiglach, Holiday Round Challah, 4 8OZ bottles of Grape juice conveniently placed in our exclusive box. (some contents may slightly vary)

Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories.
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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based on 39 reviews
Gr8 4 students in college
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Great package to send to Calornia for Rosh Hashana
by Pearl from New York on 10/3/2022
This was a great package to send to my family in San Diego. I was very happy to send a round challah, fresh apples, dried fruit, honey and other treats for the holiday. The kids enjoyed dipping apples and challah in honey and said it was all delicious and fresh. It arrived 2 days before the holiday, as promised.
A Sweet New Year!
by gramma from Syracuse, NY and Raleigh, NC on 9/29/2022
Sent to college grandkids in Syracuse and Duke(NC) They shared the sweets with friends who all enjoyed the contents. Teiglach were a big hit. the variety of sweet fruits and challah was enjoyed by all.
Wonderful gift to send to my daughter who lives far away
by Amy T from Arlington, MA on 9/19/2021
I sent this to my daughter, since we couldn't be together. She said it was delicious, and she was so pleased to receive it. What a nice way to wish Shanah Tova to someone!
Absolute Perfection!
by Lorlove from on 9/19/2021
I ordered this for my father and he absolutely loved it! This was his first year without my grandmother and it really lifted his spirits. He couldn't say enough about it. It was absolutely perfect and I would definitely order it again and/or recommend that someone else sends it to a loved one!
Great mix of RH foods!
by SLS from MN on 9/15/2021
Most RH gift baskets are either very expensive or have a lot of dried fruit. This one was different! I especially like that it has teiglach--old school!
A wonderful gift for the New Year
by Abby from Israel on 10/21/2020
I sent this package to my 92 year old mother, to give her some taste of the holidays, since she's living in a very non-Jewish assisted living facility at this time. She was so excited to receive it and couldn't stop raving about it. She enjoyed every delicacy and shared her treats with her caregivers. Everything was beautiful, she said, as well as delicious. You really gave her a touch of her heritage, down to the tagelach. I can't thank you enough!!
gift bundle
by purplenugget from New Jersey on 10/7/2020
this company had not been my first choice initailly, but my daughter loved it
A Wonderful Holiday Addition
by MBG from RI on 10/7/2020
This basket was a gift and was delivered super fast and was fresh and delicious and beautifully presented. It made this holiday much more meaningful despite all the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions. Thank you so very much.
Great combination gift bundle
by Malkiez from Monsey on 10/5/2020
I sent this package to my family in Phoenix. They were thrilled with it.
Great Surprise Gift
by Tfaz from AZ on 10/5/2020
We bought this for my parents who are across the country and unable to go to services this year. They LOVED it! They couldn't believe all of the goodies in the gift and enjoyed it all week. It came faster than expected and was easy to purchase. I'd order from Oh! Nuts again.
Really nice Rosh Hashanah gift
by SB from Austin, TX on 10/5/2020
Really nice gift. Great surprise. All of the goodies were fresh. I especially liked the honey. I didn't like the sticky tree thing with cherries.
by Dave from Philadelphia on 10/5/2020
I sent several to family as gifts and everyone received it on time as promised and everyone LOVED them.
The recipient, a family member who could not celebrate the holiday with family, was exceptionally pleased.
by Pat from Massachusetts on 10/4/2020
I sent the Rosh Hashanah basket to bring some traditional foods of the holiday celebration to a family member who was unable to go to family celebrations due to the pandemic
RH Gift Bundle Deliciousness!
by jelly from New York on 10/3/2020
I gave this package as a gift to a good friend. It was perfect for her to share with friends since we couldn't be together. They called me on video so I could share in the celebration from a distance and their comments were that everything was fresh, beautifully presented and appreciated. The RH Gift Bundle satisfied all the areas of deliciousness and tradition! Thanks so very much for helping me make a wonderful happy!!!
A big hit
by Ellen from Miami Beach, FL on 10/2/2020
I sent this Rosh Hashanah Gift Bundle to my grad student son who's thousands of miles from home. It arrived well before Rosh Hashanah and was a big surprise, not to mention a big hit. He said everything was fresh and delicious. And a little taste of home. Can't put a price tag on that. Thank you for offering a sweet taste of home for the holidays!
I would buy this product again
by Yvonne Ginsberg from Florida on 10/1/2020
It was very nice
I will buy the Gif Bundle again and again. It was a great hit for the receivers.
by shajar from Evanston on 9/29/2020
It is great to give surprise to people. They did not expect the gift, and made their day!
This is a very good assortment.
by Comicsfan2001 from Poinciana, Florida on 9/29/2020
Yes, this is a very good Rosh Hashanah assortment, Yes, I would recommend it. Still, let the buyer beware. The price for the bundle is very reasonable. We bought one for ourselves and one for each of our two children's families. First, the good. The challah was fresh and excellent in taste, as were the fruits. We had not had taiglach in years, and we loved it. The honey from Israel was a special treat. The dates were fine as well. Now for the not so good. The honey cake was rather dry and very small, but still flavorful. The buyer should be aware and it is stated right on the website, but contents of the bundle sometimes vary. We knew that when we ordered, but it is still disappointing when a third apple is substituted for the pomegranate, as happened with our bundles. Still, we were warned on the website, and, overall, this is still a very good product.
Great Rosh Hashanah gift
by Holiday for kids from Florida on 9/29/2020
Both my children live in other states and due to COVID-19 were not able to travel. So, I thought I would get them started with a Rosh Hashanah box. Both children were thrilled. The challah was excellent. The treats were perfect. It made a great goof.
Absolutely Fresh and Delicious
by Mar from NY on 9/29/2020
I sent this gift box to my children for Rosh Hashanah. It arrived just in time. Everything was fresh and tasty. They loved it!
Great Customer Service
by Mother from NJ on 9/27/2020
I ordered a Rosh Hashanah basket for my daughter in North Carolina and accidentally put in my address to ship instead of hers. They could not have been nicer. They shipped another one right away
Perfect gifts
by cstone from IL on 9/26/2020
I sent this to both of my girls living in New York, they loved them! They both loved the challah and adorable honey bottles! The packages arrived on time and in great shape.
Great gift saved a trip to store during pandemic
by Good daughter from Florida on 9/18/2020
Sent this to my parents to ensure they had at least the basics for Rosh Hashanah and save them at least one trip to the store during the pandemic. It was a big hit, it got there on time, it was fresh and made a great gift. And gave me peace of mind. Thank you
Terrific...Excellent gift
by J from on 10/15/2019
Given as a gift. Freshness was excellent. Excellent assortment. Timely delivery as arranged. Beautiful gift for the holiday. Very satisfied.
I will buy this again!
by Jen from Charleston, SC on 10/14/2019
Sent this to my daughter in college to help her celebrate Rosh Hashanah away from her family. She loved everything and even took some to share at the Chabad dinner she attended!
A wonderful holiday gift basket!
by Gerri from Texaa on 10/10/2019
The recipient of the gift could not say enough about the presentation and quality of the goods.
I would buy this product again and again
by Foody from on 10/2/2019
Very well packed and presented
Absolutely Fresh and Delicious!
by Foody from on 10/2/2019
Absolutely delicious!!
Big hit. I would buy this pro0duct again and again
by Bubbe "B" from Texas on 9/22/2015
This was sent to my son and daughter-in-law in Texas. The parcel was received on time. They were both delighted with the presentation and with the contents. They were delicious, fresh and arrived undisturbed and in good condition. .
Best sampler of items for the Holiday, a
by autumn leaves from Tacoma, WA on 10/17/2014
This is a great, well-priced/ sized sampler of items for the holiday, perfectly suited for an individual, couple, college student, or someone living alone. We ordered this for our inlaws who are now "empty nesters, and they were so delighted. From friendly/informative Customer Service, confirmation email, UPS tracking number to follow the timely UPS delivery, it was a "win-win."The sampler arrived on time, the items carefully packaged, along w/ice pack, the food was fresh and delicious, and just the right amount. The picture of sampler was accurate to items received. Our in laws even sent a picture of the food being enjoyed! Highly recommend, will not disappoint, and will be a memorable experience.What could be better than that? Would definitely buy again. Thank you, Oh Nuts!
A great gift to honor the holiday and those you love
by HisGlory from Tacoma, WA on 10/15/2014
This is a wonderful, thoughtful gift to honor the holiday and those you love by the representation of the specific food items in this gift package for this holiday. We sent this to our inlaws, and they were delighted. All items were fresh, well packaged, delicious, and they were delighted, well received. This is great for one or two people, and it will not disappoint. The picture showing the food gift is accurate, shipping timely including helpful UPS tracking number, and customer service excellent. A great gift for anyone.
Great New Years Gift for Young Adult Kids
by sglick from on 10/11/2014
My two adult sons who live in other parts of the country, really enjoyed the Rosh Hashanah gift basket.
"What a Hit"
by Josh from Litchfield, CT on 10/18/2011
We sent them as gifts to donors, they loved it!
Great for college kids
by Mommy from va on 10/17/2011
My girls at colleges loved their gift- they shared with their friends and made blessings for a sweet new year! Perfect gift
very nice
by mj from ny,ny on 10/16/2011
i send this item to my parents, and they liked it, they said everything that was promised was recieved. The delivery was timely. i am satisfied with their service and would recommend.
Grandson said it was delicious
by Elca from Toms River. NJ on 10/11/2011
I sent this package to my grandson in college. He texted me at midnight to tell he was eating the challah with honey and it was delicious and couldn't thank me enough.
Freshman college student' sweet new year
by Em the nasher from New York City on 10/6/2011
Package was enjoyed. Made new friends with honey and bread. What could be better?
Perfect for the homebound
by FarAway Daughter from New York, NY on 9/27/2011
Sent this package to my Mom who lives far away and is homebound. She expressed it so perfectly: "This really brought Rosh HaShanah into my home."
They loved it
by jewish mom from swampscott, ma on 9/21/2010
I sent the New Year gift basket to my two adult children and their girlfriends. They loved it and both commented on how much was included and how this will make it a special new year. Thanks a lot.