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Teiglach - The Rosh Hashanah Most Traditional Food

This product is sold out for Rosh Hashanah.

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Home Style Rosh Hashanah Teiglach

Will start shipping 2nd week of September!

  • Net Weight: 1 lb.
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbin Nochum Ephraim Teitelbaum - Volova Rav
Rich & Tasty Rosh Hashanah Teiglach - A Traditional food that is eaten on Rosh Hashanah. Consists of small pieces of fresh cookies dipped in a delicious walnut honey glaze and topped with maraschino cherries. Make this Rosh Hashanah tradition enjoyable!

Net Weight: 1 lb.
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbin Nochum Ephraim Teitelbaum - Volova Rav Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbin Nochum Ephraim Teitelbaum - Volova Rav
  Rated 5 out of 5 stars
based on 28 reviews
Teiglach by order
Too much honey to bottom
Best Uses
For gatherings
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Just Like When I was a Kid
by Mick from Connecticut on 10/7/2019
I brought the teglach to my nieces house in New Jersey as dessert for the Rosh Hashonna meal on Sunday Sept. 29, 2019 My brother, my sister in law,, my spouse, my niece, her husband and their 11 year old son were delighted with it, as was I. We all gobbled it up in minutes. It was just like the teglach we used to get from the Kosher bakeries in Brooklyn in the 50's and 60's.
was great!
by Ron from Syracuse, NY on 10/6/2019
this was a holiday dessert, It was very like i remember from when i was a child. If there was one thing i would change? Yes more nuts please even 3 varieties would be great! however it was enjoyed by all who came for the holiday meal!
Have been buying these for years.
by Marvelous MMM from Charlotte, NC on 10/3/2019
Been ordering these for years and the taste and quality has been and are the tops.Always well packed and fresh. Just like the ones I used to get when I lived in NYC (Brooklyn). Highly recommend this to anyone who likes Telglach.
Delicious but overpriced
by Robin from Oakland, CA on 9/30/2019
Teiglach cannot be found in California, so I must import it from NY. Oh Nuts’s teighlach is delicious and fresh but very expensive.
Exceeded Expectations
by Joni from CT on 9/25/2018
So good! I was skeptical about ordering but the reviews were positive and my options were few. So glad I took a chance - I ordered 2 and each arrived fresh, wonderfully packaged and a pleasure to serve. Nothing worse than Teiglach that requires a hammer and pickaxe to break off a piece. Perfect proportion of honey, nuts, dough cherries, etc... I'll definitely order again.
Great Product
by Marvelous from Charlotte, NC on 9/7/2018
Delish....just like the ones I grew up eating in Brooklyn, NY many, many years ago. Order them every year and every year they are great.
Terrific Tasty Teiglach
by Hedgie from wilds of PA on 10/18/2017
We received this as a present, and we were thrilled. Teiglach isn't that easy to find, and this one was terrific. It was fresh and tasty. The pieces of candied fruit were a nice complement to the crunchy dough balls. The honey made it all nicely sweet and sticky. Definitely a holiday favorite here.
Good memories
by Nick from Vermont on 9/20/2017
Very difficult to find good teiglach. Ordered last year from this company and one other. The OH! NUTS one was more traditional...bringing back good memories from my youth. Thanks!
Will definitely buy this again.
by Joanne from Maryland on 10/16/2016
A perfect ending to our Rosh Hashonah dinner. Arrived fast, fresh and delicious. I will definitely order again.
The BEST I've had in 50 years!
by Malkas from on 10/15/2016
Ingredients and taste are SUPERB!
Just like the ones I had growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the '50s. Delish!
by Marvelous Marv from Charlotte, NC on 9/28/2016
Brings back childhood memories. Highly recommend this product.
Brings back childhood memories in NYC!
by MD stuck in Ohio from Columbus Ohio on 9/1/2016
I'd had this at family new year celebrations for in New York during the 60s/70s and tried to find it literally for decades. I didn't know the name but knew what it looked like, so used google image search and found it at Ohnuts! It's the real thing folks, grab it while you can :)
Thank goodness for Oh!Nuts Teiglach!
by Ellen from Michigan on 10/8/2015
I bought this for my NY-born 92 year old mom in Chicago, where no teiglach is to be found anywhere. She was thrilled to know that it was on the way and completely delighted to receive it. And decided not to share it around because she was enjoying it so much! So next year I'll have to get her two.
•I would buy this product again and again
by ? from on 10/7/2015
Very good, fast delivery, priced right, will buy again when available.
Great product, needs packaging improvements
by Talia from on 9/16/2015
Great product, I've been buying it for a few years. Since it’s an annual event, each year I forget about the same issues that is associated with the shipping. In most of the cases Teiglach comes packaged sideways. As a results honey and nuts leak out all on the side. It doesn’t do anything to the taste, yet makes it unsuitable as a gift.
Perfect in every way! Fresh as can be.
by Bobbi from south Carolina on 10/11/2014
Just like i remembered! Will order next year.
Nearly Like Zayde Remembers
by Mayaclone from Kensington, MD on 10/2/2014
This was a gift for my dad (my son's Zayde) and the phone call I got was full of such glee. He said he hadn't had it since his mother made it (40+ years ago). He was thrilled. He said it wasn't quite as he remembered his mother's but pretty close with a healthy dose of honey. I'm so glad there is a company that still makes old fashioned, much loved baked goods like this so I can keep surprising Dad with treats for the New Year.
Delicious! This was a staple of RH during my childhood in NYC, and no one seems to make it anymore except Oh Nuts
by Robin from Oakland, CA on 9/22/2014
I don't know why taiglach is no longer made except by Oh Nuts. It used to be a popular RH food when I grew up in NYC in the 50s and 60s. It is delicious. I received it as a gift last year, and ordered it myself this year.
Oh the memories!
by Lost in the NW from Ocean Shores, WA on 10/2/2013
I bought this because even the ingredients are not available locally. I liked how it was traditionally made with the nuts and cherries that I remember my mother using. The matzah balls were a little different from my mothers. More spices than I remember. That would be the only thing I would change. I like it plainer. The ones I had as a kid were closer to oyster cracker taste. Lighter and less infused with the honey. But being able to get two and share it with others that had never had it was the great thing.
Sticky Honey Goodness
by Hedgie from wilds of PA on 9/29/2013
The picture comes close but does not do justice to the little tower of golden sticky honey goodness punctuated by bright red cherries that arrived on the doorstep. We'd been pining for some teiglach, lamenting the fact that there was none to be had for miles around. Then my sister sent us teiglach (and honey cake, too). What a mechayah!
The moist DELICIOUS teiglach I have EVER eaten!
by Miranda from Clayton, NC on 9/25/2013
I plan to buy this every year, whenever it is available for purchase. Sadly, that is probably ONLy around the jewish holiday. This is SO darn delicious that IF I were in prison and could ONLY eat one more, final food before going "bye-bye", I told my husband, that THIS TEIGLACH would be my last wish. It is truly that amazing. It's like a potatoe chip in that you can NOT each just one, or two, or three! You'll feel like you died and went to heaven. I'm 47 and it tastes better then what my greta grandma used to make. Try it. You will not be dissapointed!
This is definitely as good as it gets!
by Snobaby from Rock Hill, New York on 9/21/2013
Memories never seem to be how you remember them. I remember things from the past that were so good but, now, I eat these things and they don't taste nearly as delicious as what I remember. HOWEVER, this Teiglach is everything I remember it to be. It's as if my Grand-mother has come back and is baking in the kitchen again. I love it and enjoy every single bite because it is really, beyond a doubt, incredibly delicious!
Exactly what I wanted!
by Sheree from Alabama on 8/21/2013
I have been trying to find this for YEARS, even tries making it. I was so happy to receive it well packaged and rather quickly. I order 4 to share with family and everyone agreed that this was what we remembered growing up in NY! Thanks you. Because this is a seasonal dessert, I may need to orders re now and freeze...just wish I could get free shipping without ordering the free ship minimum!
Dad loved it!
by Jack from Washington DC on 9/24/2010
Bought this for my Dad (who's in his 80's and has had a teiglach or two over the years!)and he said it was the best, freshest one he's ever had. He loved it!
by Patience from Troy,Al on 9/22/2010
Would have liked product to be a little larger.
I loved it
by Ro from Washington DC area on 9/13/2010
I loved it. It was a big hit as i could not find any in the D.C. Baltimore area. I will get it again next year.
by Liz with a Sweet Tooth from Washington DC on 10/9/2009
I'd rather buy teiglach from a local bakery, but the last place that carried it locally closed. I brought one each to dinner on the first and second nights of Rosh Hashanah, and several people said how thrilled they were that I did. It arrived reasonably fresh (shipped 2 day, packed in a tin pie plate, saran wrap, under a plastic dome, and tissue paper), but a lot of the honey settled on the bottom, making the bottom layer practically inedible. That was ok though, because there was plenty on top! I'll probably order again, but probably fewer than three -- one to bring for each night was plenty, because after huge meals two nights in a row my family barely touched the one I bought for the house. PS - I realize the site is "Oh Nuts!", but a lot of my friends and their kids are allergic, and nuts are not an absolute must for teiglach, so a nuts-free version would be nice.
I would buy this product again
by Princesse from Liverpool, NY on 10/5/2009
Purchased for a friend and he was so thrilled that he didn't finish unwrapping the cake to grab a piece.
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbin Nochum Ephraim Teitelbaum - Volova Rav


Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products