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Oh! Nuts ◊ Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts

Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts

Passover is a time of celebration, and now you can celebrate something more: having so many decadent and delicious options for Passover-friendly baked goods, cakes, chocolates and other snacks and goodies. There are piles of delicious treats from Oh! Nuts that are kosher for Passover and will have you wishing Pesach came around more often. Our Kosher gourmet goodies include Passover-friendly chocolates, baked goods like fresh, delicious cakes and cookies, candy, raw and roasted nuts, wholesome and healthy dried fruits and of course our amazing Passover gift baskets.

Check out our blog for delicious Passover recipes!

We guarantee your satisfaction when you shop at Oh! Nuts. We're positive that your friends and loved ones will be hooked after one bite of our unbelievably decadent macarons or chocolate truffle torte - mmm! At Oh! Nuts it's easy to send a small, simple bite of goodness to a friend, or a whole cake to a Passover meal you wish you could be a part of in person. Don't worry, when you send any of Oh! Nuts's indulgent gifts it won't be long before they're gushing their thanks and making you feel like you were there. Try our "Unbelievably Delicious" Passover French Macarons - freshly baked for the holiday and available in five lip-smacking flavors: Chocolate, cappuccino, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. It's the perfect combination of classic flavors that are sure to make anyone's mouth water. Gluten free and made without preservatives, these excellent gourmet bites will please even the most conscientious foodie on your gift list.

You won't believe how moist and delicious our Passover cakes are. They're so unbelievably good you'll want to eat them all year and not just at Pesach! And you can; with Oh! Nuts affordable pricing on gourmet baked goods you can send these beautiful gifts or order them for a family gathering at your place any time. From our ooey gooey chocolate brownie cake to our homestyle raspberry pie, our traditional seven-layer cake and soft homemade rum balls, you won't be able to say no to our outrageous assortment of Passover delicacies. Don't forget the chocolate covered matzo for a sweet post-Seder touch.