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Large Dried Apricots

$8.19 per lb.
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Sun Dried Sweet Turkish Apricots

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Sodium
  • Low Fat
  • Fat Free
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No Sugar Added
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
You'll love the sweet and chewy goodness of Sun-Dried Sweet Turkish Apricots from Oh! Nuts. This healthy and delicious bulk dried fruit is a convenient snack with a long shelf life and nutritious health benefits. Add dried apricots to your diet to increase your intake of fiber, potassium, iron and antioxidants. Turkish apricots are well-known for their naturally sweet and mellow flavor. Fresh apricots are picked at peak ripeness and sun-dried to create this wonderful treat. Eat them alone or add them to desserts, salads and other dishes.

Wholesale sun-dried Turkish apricots are available from Oh! Nuts in 1-pound bags, 5-pound bags and 28-pound cases. If you'd like to taste the bulk apricots before ordering a large case, try our sample-sized package. These dried apricots are certified kosher pareve and low in cholesterol and sodium. They're also free from fat, eggs, dairy and added sugar.
Low Cholesterol
Low Sodium
Low Fat
Fat Free
Egg Free
Dairy Free
No Sugar Added
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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based on 51 reviews
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Snack (34)
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Yummy Large Dried Apricots
by Grammy from New Jersey on 5/31/2022
We love these soft and sweet apricots as an after dinner treat. I also cook them in a delicious fruit compote with dry prunes and raisins. I have never opened a bad bag of fruit or nuts from Oh Nuts that is why we are nuts about Oh Nuts.
Super delicious
by Sara from Chicago on 5/9/2022
Best apricots! Great service and quick delivery. Always fresh and so tasty! Our favorite!
by Shoshana from lawrenceville,NJ on 11/17/2021
These apricots were soft and delicious. I use them as a healthy snack
by Liz from Somerville,MA on 5/4/2020
These are delicious dried apricots. It is hard not to eat too many at once. Very fresh.
Very fresh and soft
by Jeffrey from on 1/24/2019
These were fresh, soft and flavorful. Much better than anything I've got at the store. Perfect for chopping up and sprinkling on oatmeal along with the crystallized ginger I've also gotten from Oh Nuts!
I would order this again
by Marcie from Richland, Washington on 12/16/2016
I have purchased dried apricots at several different super markets, including Whole Foods and Trader Joes, and none of those can compare to the freshness and deliciousness of these apricots. Yum!!
BEST I've ever tastes
by NiteNurseJoy from Reading, PA on 4/24/2016
I wanted something other than just candy on the wedding candy bar. I thought these apricot's, if they tasted good, would add a pop of a wedding secondary color and a nice non-candy treat. I was not disappointed, THEY ARE DELICIOUS! I know they will be appreciated by guests, but I plan to order a lot so I can eat some before the wedding.
by bill from ohio on 5/29/2014
tasty, fresh, chewy. all that you could expect
Soft and Naturally Sweet
by Laser Man from Long Island on 3/26/2014
Love my fruits and nuts, but finding "dried" fruit that's not sugar-laced or tough to chew is a challenge. These apricots are amazing!!
Just Right
by Lynnie from Durham, NC on 10/12/2013
Every year we make Christmas Cakes with dried fruit and nuts. All my dried fruits I've ordered have been top notch, plump and flavorful.
Absolutely Fresh and Delicious! I would buy this product again and again.
by Linda from on 1/5/2013
So good and a great buy.
These sweet treats are my favorite
by richwilly from Worcester, Ma. on 6/30/2012
These are incredible. There's a name brand company that sells their apricots in retail stores. I can't imagine ever getting them again after tasting these moist and sweet beauties. I'll be back for much more. Keep a bag on hand at work. Stops the cravings for junk food immediately.
Very Tasty
by JLuu from Charlotte NC on 6/21/2012
These are great. Everything you could want in a dried Apricot. Sweet on the inside, nice and clean, no sticky residue on the outside. No weird tastes that i can tell from the drying/preserving process.
by Artistreader from Sebastopol, CA on 4/9/2012
We ate them plain, and also chopped some to use in Friendship bread. I also put ground filberts in the bread, as 1/4 of the called-for flour.
Wonderful, Wonderful!
by Anne from Arkansas on 3/18/2012
The moist texture is excellent Makes a good gift.
by Jim from NV on 3/15/2012
The bag is a bit sticky inside, but that can be expected. Some of the apricots are more dried than others. Some are still a bit juicy (moist, soft, and oh so good). Even the most dried ones are still flavorful and delicious though. Not too consistent, but that's ok with me, I actually don't mind the variance. I'll be ordering more when what I got runs out.
by JL from TX on 2/8/2012
Awesomely delicious. Best ever eaten
by Louise the Nurse from Venice, Florida on 1/3/2012
Great taste, fiber, and thoroughly awesomely delicious. Will most definitely order these again.The gift was received with great joy and loved by receipent.Thank you Oh!Nuts.
tangiest apricots ever.
by Richwilly from Worcester, Ma on 12/19/2011
I bring them to work for an uplifting treat. Like eating candy, without the guilt. Incredibly soft and moist. My favorite dried fruit
There is nothing dried up here
by Bob from cape May, NJ on 9/5/2011
Great source of fiber and very tasty Inside of bag is sticky.
A far cry from my initial expectations.
by Old Clockguy from Florida Panhandle on 8/25/2011
When one becomes accustomed to the grade and quality of the produce offered in the local stores, it is quite a surprise to find that there is a whole upper level to taste and quality that hasn't been explored yet! I have always used domestic dried apricots which usually lack color, size, flavor, and tenderness, all of which the Ohnuts Turkish apricots abound, in favor of an assumed savings in price. After finishing my very first pound bag of these delicious treats, I found that I wasn't saving a thing, a 12 oz. bag of hard and tough domestic apricots for about the same price as a 16 oz. bag of sweet delicious Ohnuts Turkish apricots! I will include them in all my future orders from Ohnuts now that I have expanded my education further!
Great Product
by pt from Cincinnati, OH on 8/24/2011
Most were very soft and chewy. However, some weren't. They should be more consistent.
Super moist, disappear fast
by ArizumaBrett from Phoenix, AZ on 8/23/2011
THese are great with my very strong green tea. fantastic flavor contrast.
Where did my apricots disappear to?
by ArizumaBrett from Phoenix, AZ on 7/26/2011
I loved these, my only complaint is that they were so good that they disappeared too fast, I'll need to order more next time.
Add to Coconut Cookies for more taste
by nancyapoet from Shelburne, VT on 4/27/2011
I can add it to all my pastries for extra nutrition. Makes great breakfast cookies.
by The Kosher Tomato from Hamilton, NJ on 3/21/2011
Great in granola, chicken tagine, trail mix, or just as a snack!
Perfect Dried Apricots
by Kate in the Kitchen from Lino Lakes, MN on 7/19/2010
Dried apricots are always a favorite snack in our house and we loved the Oh Nuts! variety very much. They were soft and tender and so delicious. The bag did not last long at all as my teenage son devoured the entire thing.
Juicy and Flavorful
by Greenshoes from South Dakota on 4/18/2010
These are THE best apricots I have consistently found in America. I cut them up and put in my trail mix of 30 fruits, nuts, and seeds. These apricots have enough moisture to be sticky when diced and hold my little seeds nicely not to mention add a powerful flavor punch to my fruit mix. Not like the leather dry apricots so many places sell. These are fresh, flavorful, and wonderfuly juicy.
like the apricots. was what i expected
by Lisichka from Commerce Twp, MI on 4/13/2010
they was nice
very healthy
by bronxlady20 from stone mountain ga on 3/4/2010
i love the taste
Delicious - large, tender, great for sna
by none from Glenview, IL on 1/4/2010
Great taste, appearance and texture.
Fresh and Delicious!
by Mamasita from Pittsburgh, PA on 12/2/2009
I sent these to my daughter overseas who was craving dried apricots. I have ordered from you before and knew that they would be perfect and they were. She was so happy. Thank you so much!
Quality Apricots
by midwestern from storm lake, iowa on 11/24/2009
I sent this along with honey glazed pecans to my brother in another state, as a gift. I went to visit him a few weeks later, and ate some, and they were very plump and fresh. The nuts were very fresh tasting too. The only thing I did not like was that the apricots had sulfur dioxide as a preservative. If I eat too much, it gives me a headache. The packaging was sturdy and airtight.
fresh taste
by none from ohio on 9/17/2009
better then eating fresh (no mess) great taste very good flavor will buy again
by Rocket from Rochester, NY on 4/14/2009
Always, always delicious, moist and plump. One of my favorites. Taste these treats - you can't go wrong. The flavor is perfect.
by JB from Atlanta, GA on 3/14/2009
Excellent taste and quality.
by Dr. T. from Tn. on 3/2/2009
somewhat overpriced , but that is not a major factor--
by nutty from ct on 3/1/2009
taste great
Turkish Apricots Wow!
by Pope Rogio from Bellevue WA on 2/15/2009
Having been raised in the San Joaquin Valley and actually working in dried apricots, they are one of my favorite snack foods. I basically bought the O Nuts Turkish Apricots as a snack food but I have found that I can also use them in place of fresh apricots in cooking. Great food and the Turkish are, believe it or not, better than the California apricots I was raised on!
by Gia from New York, NY on 2/12/2009
Great sweet snack.
Soft and Tasty and Not Too Sweet
by mortuck from New York on 1/20/2009
I purchased these to add to my husband's nut snack mix and, as he is a diabetic, was very concerned that any "sweet" i added would not be TOO sweet - and these apricots fit the bill perfectly! Soft and fresh and flavourful, they are not too tart but, also, not too sweet, either. I cut them up into little raisin-sized pieces before adding them to the nuts and seeds and they just did the trick!
by TERRE from bedford TX on 1/17/2009
AS AN EVENING SNACK WIL EAT 3, DO NOT CARE FOR THE REGULAR APRICOTS BUT THESE ARE DELICIOUS. AM ALSO GOING TO TRY THEM IN COOKIING AND BAKING THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS. Right b4 these were delivered I purchased a package of apricots at the grocery store to try since I never liked them; and listen you can and will tell the difference. This company cares about the quality of their food products Will deffinetly be ordering more. So happy I found Oh!Nuts on the internet
This is an excellent product
by george from Holiday Florida on 1/8/2009
excellent product
Dried Apricots (Turkish)
by Rocket from Rochester, NY on 1/5/2009
My favorite dried fruit is Apricots. These from Oh Nuts are of supurb quality. They are plump and so very tasty. I've also used them for a couple of slow cooker receipes. If you have a friend who says they don't like dried fruit. Ask them to at least try these - I'll wager they'll like them.
a true delight
by Glenda from Washington State on 12/27/2008
I really liked the superior moist quality
Dried Apricots
by The Jelly Lady from Union Springs, Alabama on 12/8/2008
I make Apricot Preserves from these wonderful apricots. I will definitely reorder by February - sooner if all the preserves sell before then!
by GPA from EASTERN, CT on 12/7/2008
So Soft and delicious
by Super Healthy Kids from Lehi, UT on 9/19/2008
I love these apricots! I could really over-do it if I'm not careful. They taste so fresh and soft.
Spouse Pleaser
by SnowCoot from Framingham, MA on 9/18/2008
I'm a Nut nut, not a fan of Dried Fruit. But my spouse is. She's a bit finicky, settling for only what pleases her taste buds. She's has the highest praise for Oh Nuts Dried Apricots and asked me to order more. I'm pleased I found your store. SnowCoot, Framingham
Great Taste
by Whoofie from NY, NY on 8/11/2008
I am not a big fan of apricots but these dried apricots are delicious. You can snack on them or add them to your own trail mix. They are full of flavor and plump. Go great as a topping for icecream.
Quality At The Right Price
by Jimmy from Niagara Falls, NY on 7/10/2008
I found the fruit priced about average with other dealers.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1 oz
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0mg
Total Carbohydrate18g
Dietary Fiber3g
Total Sugars11g
Vitamin A40%
Vitamin C2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein.

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide (Preservative).

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products