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California Calimyrna Dried Figs - Fancy

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The New Shipment of Figs are Fancy

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Sodium
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No Sugar Added
  • Fat Free
  • High Fiber
Certified Parve - Dairy Free

When it comes to U.S.-grown figs, there are few as delicious as California Calimyrna Figs. These figs are California's take on the Smyrna fig (California + Smyrna = Calimyrna) and are packed with powerful fig taste that every fig lover in your family will love. Plus, these figs contain a huge number of health-related benefits. Not only are they naturally low in sodium and cholesterol, they are also an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber. Here at Oh! Nuts, we guarantee our shipments of these California-grown figs are the freshest in the industry. We deal with distributors who deal directly with growers, ensuring premium freshness from our stores to your door. Order with us today!

Low Cholesterol
Low Sodium
Egg Free
Dairy Free
No Sugar Added
Fat Free
High Fiber
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
  Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
based on 54 reviews
Flavorful (42)
None (3)
Best Uses
Snack (42)
Describe Yourself
Health conscious (27)
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The Best Quality I've come across!
by Cleo from Kingsland, GA on 3/27/2020
Feed my Exotic Birds and myself Fresh and wonderful flavor... The shipping is so very high...fixed income
Great in a marinade too!!
by Netta from Nashville on 10/15/2019
In some truffle balls and roast marinade
Excellent dried fruit
by caspub from ct on 1/23/2016
All of your dried fruit is excellent. Fresh, moist, etc.
Best figs I ever had!
by Sheree from Alabama on 8/21/2013
Delicious and fresh!
Totally delicious and fresh
by SzSv from Texas on 4/2/2013
I ate the figs individually. I did not mix them into anything. They were delicious.
by JIm from on 3/27/2013
No further comment
Always reorder these figs! Delicious
by Phil Dean from West Berlin ,NJ on 1/5/2013
Soft & chewy and always fresh !
love em
by Cathy from shoreline, wa. on 6/26/2012
I opened the package on arrival and indulged my fig tooth. Slowly savored that wonderful flavor and realized this will be one of those gotta have its.
Better than expected
by JB from Lemmon., SD on 3/22/2012
This product is being used for a spread for a diabetic. The doctor gave us the recipe and the diabetic person in question loves it! I love your products and your professional way of conducting business. Curstomer service seems to go a long way with you unlike many stores today.
The best figs I have ever tasted
by Barbara from Middleton, WI on 3/7/2012
A good desert substitute
by JL from TX on 2/8/2012
As a great snack...
by Fig lover from Colorado on 1/26/2012
I purchased these figs for snacking and they are delicious. A few have mold, but that is understandable and common for a 30 lb. order.
Moist, delicious
by winner from Cameron, WI on 1/9/2012
These are the most moist figs we've had and they are delicious to eat!
Yummy figs!
by Pasquali from Jefferson, OR on 1/7/2012
I enjoy these figs as a mid-day snack. The sweetness replaces the need for any candies. The healthful benefit is the bonus.
I would buy this product again
by Ruth from sioux falls, sd on 12/20/2011
fruit cake and fig chicken
Close 2nd!
by Chris the Adventurista from Long Island, NY on 10/3/2011
These are the 2nd best figs I have ever tasted. I grew up eating figs and the best I have ever tasted was in Turkey. These are a close 2nd - they are nice and plump, soft, juicy, not at all dry and gummy. These are absolutely delicious to take to work, or take on a hike. Everyone I shared these with, said they were delicious and asked where I purchased them. These are highly rceommended!
The perfect taste
by Den from Brooklyn, NY on 7/26/2011
This product is absoluitely wonderful. I took it to my class for snacks and there was none left after 10 minutes.
by Flo from Cape Coral, Florida on 6/18/2011
We eat then right out of the bag. No need for recipes. They just have attitude!
by richard from denver on 3/21/2011
just eat!
I'm a fan!
by Jeannie Beanie from NY on 3/16/2011
The figs are large, plump, moist and absolutely addictive! Wonderful flavor and texture.
First Class Product
by TOENEE from Tonawanda, NY on 1/28/2011
These figs are great just to eat out of hand as a snack or treat
Absoultely sensational
by jean from orange,tx on 1/9/2011
These are the best figs I have ever eaten.They were so big and juicy. Very sweet. I will be ordering these again and again
Perfect texture, perfect flavor
by Cain from Belgrade MT on 1/2/2011
I've tried quite a few different online vendors, attempting to find the best dried figs I could. Happily, my search is over! These figs are extraordinarily flavorful, perfectly sweet, and soft without being mushy in the slightest. I've tried many dried figs and have been disappointed in the past, finding that an overwhelming majority of them were either mushy and disgusting or too dry and hard to chew. These are right in the middle, being just dry enough to be soft, chewy, and perfectly textured. If you've struggled to find figs that were just right, a perfect balance of all desired attributes, look no farther. As an added bonus, I've even managed to get my notoriously picky daughter to eat one of these now and then, so long as I cut it into smaller pieces and remove the stem.
by Lucy from Monroe, NY on 12/17/2010
I'm a dried fig lover and have tried dried figs from many different stores (i.e. supermarket, specialty stores, gourmet store) and I can honestly say these are the best I have ever eaten. They are big and plump and delicious. I highly recommend.
by fig lovers from bala cynwyd, pa on 9/21/2010
What a delicious fig - every single one of them. We keep reordering and are never disappointed.
Absolutely delicious!
by Marian's sister from Washington D.C. on 4/24/2010
These are the best dried figs I have tasted since I was a child. I will definitely buy this product again, and again.
Yummy! I recommend these figs.
by D. from Jonesboro, Arkansas on 4/1/2010
I'm really enjoying them, thank you.
by GRANDMA from PHOENIX, AZ on 3/31/2010
eat & give as gifts
Excellent but has sulfur dioxide in them
by Cori from Fulton, MO on 1/26/2010
The additive sulfur dioxide isn't obvious on the page until you click nutrition tab. It says Kosher certified. Many people especially asthmatics are super sensitive to sulfur dioxide; it triggers asthma and is a known caution. The fact that this additive is in the figs should be on the front page describing it-- not hidden behind a tab expecting the customer to find it.
best tasting figs ever and great for you
by carlsclassics from Westchester, NY on 12/8/2009
Saute 4 figs with 1 shallot in 2tbsp olive oil add 1/2 c dry white wine + 1/4 c balsamic vinegar; as sauce begins to carmelize add thinly sliced pork or shrimp. Simple and yummy. OR Right out of the bag for snack.
Huge Figs!!!
by Nathan the Torah Scholar from Pacific Grove, CA on 10/6/2009
These figs are really delicious. They are absolutely huge! I enjoy them late at night as a snack, or whenever I wish for a source of energy and Potassium.
by freethinker from Philadelphia on 8/26/2009
Excellent taste & Fresh
Wonderful, plump, delicious!
by zabby6 from West Branch, IA on 8/25/2009
I eat them as a healthy snack.
It's no fig newton
by Jeff from Lower Central Michigan on 7/3/2009
In my youth my Mother would buy dried figs on a string. dried is the descriptive word for those figs. I actually expected the same kind of figs, dry and hard. What a pleasant suprise to get these luscous sweet soft figs. They really taste great.
Delicious figs
by JP backpacker from Cleveland, OH on 6/8/2009
Excellent figs, use these on the backpacking trail. Good energy/food source.
Very good from a Greek momÅ? opinion
by JA from Naples, Florida on 5/25/2009
My mom who grew up in Greece said they were the best figs that I have ever bought her.
So fresh and delectable
by ctqwn from olympia, wa on 3/30/2009
These figs are the freshest I've ever had, and they're almost addictive. Nice and plump and succulent. Last summer, I got into the habit of eating figs as a simple breakfast along w/ some dates and raw almonds and pistachios when I was traveling through the Greek islands and Turkey. These figs may be from CA, but they're just as yummy.
by CRUMPIT from WHITESTONE, NEW YORK on 3/25/2009
Great taste
by JB from Atlanta, GA on 3/14/2009
Great product.
by NONE from NEVADA CITY, CA on 3/1/2009
they were FRESH and LARGE!
by N/A from ST. LOUIS, MO. on 2/22/2009
I would buy this again.
by Hank from Scottsdale, Arizona on 2/22/2009
A wonderful taste to this fruit. I will definitely purchase it again.
Very tasty, but nearly stale
by JB from Fremont, CA on 2/3/2009
Good quality, good taste, yet some were nearly stale.
Excellent, moist, sweet and flavorful.
by Nick from Emmett, Idaho on 2/2/2009
This is an outstanding product. the best I have ever eaten. I will definitely purchase again.
Like eating candy ...
by marwahr from North Carolina on 1/15/2009
These have to be some of the BEST dried figs I have ever eaten. They are plump and so sweet you think your eating candy! I HIGHLY recommend these figs - so full of flavor in every bite!
Great Taste.
by Sam from Sugar Land,Tx on 12/21/2008
I recommend the product to everyone.We eat it with becan as a snack,it tastes geart.
Calimyrna figs
by macntory from CA on 12/10/2008
These are the great quality figs that CA grows but exports to other states to ensure a higher price of sale. This is the season to buy Calimyrnas of premium quality.
wonderful tast
by Ruby from WV on 9/25/2008
well i loved the tast and the size of the Fig but i dident get any storage instructions with it
Dried figs are healthful and delicious!
by Little Ree from Medina, OH on 9/18/2008
I snack the figs.
by contessa from Dallas,TX on 9/15/2008
Very nice size figs, great color but not sweet enough and a little hard ,like they were not mature enough. I am used to italian figs and that could be why I expected a more full flavor. Overall good.
Great Figs!!!
by Ron from Los Angeles, CA on 9/8/2008
These figs taste great and are great for snacking and are packed with nutrition and fiber.
Calimyrna Jumbo Dried Figs
by macntory from Southern CA on 9/5/2008
Bibleâ??s natural aid for fiber. Quality can be inconsistent according to season. Best in late spring (May)
I loved these figs. They were wonderful!
by Nita307 from Northern Arizona on 9/1/2008
Figs are not too good this season; I had trouble finding even mediocure ones in my area and my daughter gave me these as a gift. I use them primarily as sncke but if I had not eaten them so fast I wouold have used them in a variety of recipies from salads to deserts. Thanks for a great product.
Great fig taste
by Armageddon from Baraga, MI on 4/27/2008
These are excellent figs. Our son, (not a health food nut) loved them. Great taste.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1oz (28g)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat0.5g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate32g
Dietary Fiber5g
Total Sugars24g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: California Figs, Sulphur Dioxide. ALLERGY INFO: Processed in a facility which processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products