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Enjoy lower prices on bulk-buy orders of our famed collection of dried figs by the pound from Oh! Nuts. Why eat fruit-flavored candy, when you can have healthier real fruit? One study found that some dried fruits have even more concentrated levels of healthy antioxidants and other healthy ingredients when water is removed from the fruit.Read More...

5 Dried Figs
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Black Mission Figs
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Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

Figs are rich in calcium. By weight, figs reportedly have more calcium than you'll find in skim milk. Although they originated in Western Asia, fig production moved to the Mediterranean in ancient times. Hundreds of years later, they were successfully introduced to the Mediterranean-style sunny climate of the Southern California coast

Famous Fig Choices

Our collection of fiber-filled dried figs includes California Calimyrna figs rich in vitamins A and C. Order a one-lb. bag, five-lb. bag or 30-lb. case of these fancy-grade American figs.

We sell economy-priced California Black Mission figs by the pound. Black Mission figs have purple and black skins, and the taste is deeper (Think: fine wine) than with other figs. Or, try our nutrient-rich dried Turkish figs.

For an elegant dessert, try our Italian-glazed whole dried figs. These candied figs have a tasty brittle glaze coating whole figs. Arrange on your best serving tray, or serve individually on your fanciest dessert plates. Our glazed figs are a favorite gift for lovers of dried fruits.

Dried Fig Facts

Are dried figs healthy? Yes. Removing the water does not remove the fiber or nutrients in figs. They taste like delicious candy, but they are so much better for your health.

Do dried figs have added sugar? Figs are sweet all by themselves, so we don't have to add sugar. Our specialty Italian-glazed dried figs do have a delicate sugar glaze on each whole fig..

How long do dried figs last? Figs in properly sealed packages can last six to 12 months at room temperature.

Dried Fruit Name


Scientific Name

Ficus carica


Figs originated in Western Asia, but made their way to the Mediterranean in prehistoric times. Centuries later, figs were introduced in Southern California.

Serving Size

One ounce



Popular Uses

Eat them like candy (We do!). They are chopped and substituted for sugar in some recipes. Dates are popular anytime gifts.