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Nut Gift Baskets & Platters

At Oh! Nuts it is clear that we have a certain passion for fresh, delicious wholesome nuts. We love all kinds of nuts, from honey roasted to chocolate covered, and for good reason. Nuts are high in healthy fats, are an easy snack on the go or any time, and look simply beautiful when nestled into one of our unbelievable gift baskets or planters. We are confident that you will be just as obsessed about nuts as we are once you sample our mouthwatering products or send a friend one of our dozens of beautiful, low-cost gift baskets. Take the purist's approach with our simple burlap sacks stuffed with your choice of roasted pistachios, almonds, pistachios, corn nuts or the queen of nuts: the tantalizing white macadamia nut. Any of these yummy choices are only elevated when you combine them in a gift basket or tray with our carefully selected offerings of dried fruit, chocolates and other munchies. Pair our perfect roasted nuts with the delicately sweet taste of dried fruits like apricots, cranberries and plums, wonderful in any season. We even offer more exotic delicacies like dried kiwi and papaya for the adventurous palate. All of our combination gift baskets are one part delicious smorgasbord and one part lasting gift your grateful recipient will love to use again and again. They'll keep thanking you as they repeatedly use the container their great-tasting gift arrived in be it a sleek, modern compartmentalized tray they can fill with nibbles of their own or a dip set trio they'll put out with a smile for guests. For the sports enthusiast, they'll get a laugh out of their decorative golf, basketball or soccer ball shaped container long after they polish off the yummy nut medley it arrived at their home with. Our carousel wheel is an inventive and youthful gift they'll always have fun putting out for guests, with rotating and spinning little baskets to hold the next round of treats and snacks.

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4 Nut Gift Baskets & Platters
Mega Nuts Gift Tray - 6 Varieties
$94.99 $94.99 ea.
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Certified Kosher Pareve under the strict supervision Parve by OK laboratories.