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Bulk Sesame Seeds

Oh! Nuts is your source for quality, bulk sesame seeds. There are many culinary uses for sesame seeds and we sell sesame seeds in a variety of bulk sizes and even offer non-GMO, organic seeds. Sesame seeds have a long history dating way back to ancient times (to the time of Moses when the Egyptians used the ground seed as flour) and are a widely used seasoning in many Middle Eastern, Asian and Indian cuisines. Sesame seeds are now widely cultivated in many tropical, subtropical, and southern temperate areas of the world. Mild with a slight nutty taste, there are many uses for sesame seeds. Seeds can be delicately roasted and sprinkled over salads and veggies, used to bake cookies (such as sesame and honey cookies), sprinkled atop challah, and used to make sesame-crusted mahi-mahi, and tahini. Read More...

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In addition to flavoring different foods, there are many health benefits that come with using sesame seeds. They’re tiny, but mighty and are loaded with B vitamins riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and the list goes on. Sesame seeds have been shown to be beneficial in protecting heart health, lowering cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure, boosting nutrient absorption and more.

In addition to sesame seeds, we also have a tasty assortment of premium halvah. Derived from the Arabic word for halwa which means sweet confection, halvah is made primarily of sesame flour and honey. The exact origins of centuries-old halvah has been widely debated, but one thing many can agree on is that this dense, treat is rich and decadent. This popular staple will bring you back to holiday gatherings with dessert tables filled with various types of halvah flavored with different extracts, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.

From baking to cooking, sesame seeds are a tasty addition to any kitchen.