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Sweet Tarts Candy Tablets

The Perfect Balance: Tasty, Bulk Sweet Tarts

A little bit sweet, a little bit tart, sweet tart candy is the perfect blend of both. Our mouths are watering as we sit here thinking about this popular candy. For over 60 years sweet tart candy has been a favorite that's been enjoyed by kids from all over. These tart wonders were born in 1952 when Sunline Inc., a candy company, began to manufacture a tablet form of their popular Pixy Stix. It's believed the messy nature of powdered candies (a likely complaint of parents) is what led the company to manufacture and distribute the sweet tart candy we know and love today. Read More...

5 Sweet Tarts Candy Tablets

We offer bulk sweet tarts in a variety of colors and flavors. You'll find such hues as pink, orange, green, purple, yellow and more and such fun flavors as sour watermelon, strawberry, grape, green apple, strawberry-banana and more. Available for purchase by the pound - 1 or 5 - you can get as many as you need. These colorful tiny orbs are a great treat for any festive event, including birthdays, school functions, baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs and any occasion where you want to serve a tangy-sweet treat. You can use them in just about any application, from cake and cookie toppers to filling your candy jars to the brim with the good stuff. Each sweet tart candy flavor from Oh! Nuts contains approximately 550 pieces per pound, making them a super-affordable and economical addition to your candy jar, goodie bags, party favors and more.

An Endless Array of Display & Serving Options

There are many whimsical ways you can display your sweet tarts candy. Some of our favorites include filling several clear cookie jars with different flavor sweet tarts and lining them up on a table. For a fun centerpiece, center a small vase inside a trifle bowl and surround the vase with sweet tart candies. Add water and flowers in the small vase and you have an easy, cheerful centerpiece. Hosting a gender reveal party for your unborn baby? Use blue or pink sweet tarts to reveal to eagerly awaiting guests if you're having a boy or a girl - or both! You can also use these bulk sweet tarts as accents for your gingerbread houses or to create unique displays on eye-catching, elaborate borders and accents on your one-of-a-kind confections and creations.

Equal parts sweet and tart, sweet tarts are a great choice that will make many taste buds happy. Oh! Nuts is always available to help you find the right color, flavor and quantity of sweet tarts for your specific needs. Each tart measures approximately .5 inches in diameter. To create sweet tart favors, you will need approximately five 2-inch by 2-inch favor boxes per 1 pound of candy. If you plan to use these candies for your candy buffet, make sure to explore our selection of candy buffet supplies for great display ideas.