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Veggie Chips

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SKU: MIX1202

Mixed Vegetable Chip Dehydrated Snack Mix

  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Sodium
  • No Sugar Added
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Low Sugar
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
The selection of dried fruit mixes available for low wholesale prices at Oh! Nuts includes Mixed Vegetable Chip Dehydrated Snack Mix. If you have a craving for a crunchy snack like potato chips, opt for a healthier alternative with this blend of sweet potato, squash, zucchini and string bean chips that are low in cholesterol and sodium, dairy free and egg free. Certified Kosher Pareve under the strict supervision Pareve by OK laboratories, these dried veggies not only make a great snack, but a super side to a sandwich or a burger. Order in bulk from Oh! Nuts and you could qualify for free shipping.
Low Cholesterol
Low Sodium
No Sugar Added
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Low Sugar
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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Awesome Chips!
by Pat from St Clair Shores, MI on 10/12/2020
These are great chips. Made with REAL ingredients. These are not overly salty and not spicy. What they do is satisfy the want and desire for something crunchy. At first I thought it was weird to have green bean chips in the mix; but they are so GOOD. You know you are eating a healthy snack when you munch on these. There is only one problem, the bag is too small. I wish they came in a larger size. I am a chocoholic and I would rather eat these chips than a candy bar.
Best flavored veggie chips!
by Smat from Tennessee on 5/2/2020
My 2-year-old AND husband love these!!!
great alternative to potato chips
by befofsf from san francisco CA on 5/8/2014
these little babies are seriously good. a really great alt snack to chips, and you feel virtuous because, after all, they're vegetables. the sweet potato chips, however, and the carrots are probably the best. not oily, very crunchy, and the actual taste of the veg actually comes through. you don't feel all nasty-full after you eat them, either, because potato chips are such empty calories. these, while probably not all that good for you or less fatty, you've still gotten some value from them. I don't know if you could get kids to eat them unless they've never had any junk food, but if you start them on these from the beginning, they'd probably really like them. they're awfully close, but include 2 of the 4 ingredients in the Road Food Group Pyramid (salt, fat, sugar, and alcohol.) I'd definitely recommend them and I wish I'd gotten more. it's a nice, small bag, esp for a sample taste, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to get more than one of these deliciously guilt-free snacks.
Wonderful and Unique!
by Jen from Urbana, IL on 2/6/2012
I love these! They are very tasty, and I *think* they are starting to convince my toddler that green beans aren't so bad! ;-) I've given them as gifts, and have bought them multiple times for my own family, too.
How much better do we want our veggies?
by Den from Brooklyn, NY on 7/26/2011
I also took this for a group of about 15, and.... lets say "it disappeared" A delightful snack.
Better than the ones in the store
by Jillian from Orlando, FL on 7/15/2011
These are so much better than the ones at the store. Lightly salted. The natural sweetness comes out. So good.
I would highly recommend this product
by ninee from tennessee on 6/26/2011
I use this as a side with hamburger,hot dog or sandwich instead of chips
Don't miss this one!
by Kathi from Temple City, CA on 6/21/2011
Great snack. This replaces nicely the regular potato chips that I am not supposed to eat. Keep making these.
Super Recomendables !!
by Laura from Nuevo Laredo on 5/2/2011
by snack lover from NY on 5/1/2011
Tasty! it's a good snack!
Veggie Chips are GREAT!
by BobRo from Farmingdale, NY on 3/31/2011
The veggie chips were excellent as a snack. I had them at a friend's house and had to get them for myself. My wife used the little bits at the bottom of the bag as a coating on baked chicken, giving it an extra crunch.
Veggie Chips
by RunRettaRun from Oklahoma City, OK on 1/8/2011
I was pleasantly surprised by Oh Nuts! Veggie Chips. Even my boys, ages 4 and 2, enjoyed them. So much better than the regular potato chip! I would definitely purchase this again!
My favorite snack ever!
by Steph from Dayton, OH on 12/6/2010
These make a more healthful snack than so much other stuff out there. If you have the munchies but are concerned about what you are eating, these are worth a try.
Very tasty
by It's real from Ruidoso, NM on 10/28/2010
Great texture and flavor. This snack is perfect for that in between pang! Take along on the walking trail too. Excellent!
Terrific and delicious!
by Chaya from Baltimore on 9/29/2010
This snack is so delicious- we ate the whole bag over the first two days of succos! They are a great snack and are not full of "junk" the way other sncak-foods are.
Great veggies, love the string beans
by Rob from New Jersey on 9/22/2010
These reminded me of the ones that are sold at local farm vendors in upstate new york at the pit stops along the throughway.
Veggie Snacks should be in schools!
by Hey Hay from Dallas, Texas on 9/9/2010
Schools should offer these with lunches and in vending machines instead of chips. It might encourage them to choose a fresh veggie over candy bar if we show them the alternative.
Everyone in the family loved these!
by Shari from Hendersonville, TN on 8/21/2010
Everyone in the family liked this product. From teh junk food chip lovers to the vegetarian - we can all eat it!
Great stuff
by Denny from Villa park. IL on 8/20/2010
This is also a great alternitive to pottato chips
Where will get this one in UAE???
by SAM from UAE on 7/13/2010
Where will get this one in UAE???
by Fresh Healthy Cafe of DE from Hockessin, DE on 6/20/2010
Cant keep this product in stock.. We sell smoothies, paninis, wraps, fresh squeezed fruit and veggie juices. People come in just to buy these delish treats!! Filling and great CRUNCH!! Just love them!!
Love 'em
by Cheryl T. from Kansas City on 5/12/2010
Addictive! I gave some as a gift and they want to order their own.
by pegtroll from CA on 3/10/2010
These chips were amazingly delicious! I have to hide them from myself. If I left them out, I know I would eat them right up. Also, I made a mix of these, the roasted edamame and the the Oriental Rice Cracker Mix, which was excellent.
Mixed Veggie Chips
by Jaan the jinn. from Texas on 2/9/2010
Thess chips are wonderful. I like them much more than other crunchies and my doctor is pleased with this choice, too.
Great Snack Food
by Geri from West Monroe, LA on 2/6/2010
We use these as a snack or side with a sandwich. A very healthy alternative to chips.We dole what we have out very sparingly in order to make it last as long as possible! We are not going to put these out as a snack for a large gathering. They would gobble them up!
Love them!
by Deb from Seattle on 10/19/2009
by Mandi from NJ on 10/7/2009
One word...PERFECT!
I can't get enough of these veggie chips
by MOE from NORTH BRANFORD CT on 8/13/2009
by sanc from jax, fla on 8/9/2009
My mom, dog and I love these. My dog will do anything to get these "treats" He keeps raiding the cloth hamper to bring me things to exchange for his veggi treats. LOL
by sanc from jax, fla on 7/29/2009
My dog, mother and I all love these.
Absolutely Amazing
by rock climbing mom from Houston, TX on 6/17/2009
My family loves these anytime of day. We take them on all our climbing trips. They are a great pick me up, without being too filling. I took a bag to work and now I can't seem to keep enough of them on hand, everybody wants more. I have them all hooked now. I've created an office full of "Oh Nuts" addicts.
Excellent veggie addition!
by JP backpacker from Cleveland, OH on 6/8/2009
Use this product when cooking dinners backpacking - good addition of vegetables to other meals we bring along, adds flavor and nutrition to soups, yet without carrying a lot of extra weight.
Excellent rings!
by JP backpacker from Cleveland, OH on 6/8/2009
Another great food for the backpack trail - good energy and nutrition. Part of my standard snack pack in.
Love these!
by Almeda67 from Florida on 6/6/2009
I searched the internet for these veggie chips and found "OhNuts" to have the best prices. The chips are delisious. My only complaint would be in the shipment/packaging. They arrived un-padded and over 50% of the veggie chips were crunched into very small pieces.
great snack
by nutty from ct on 2/1/2009
very addicting
Wonderful Snack for the whole family
by Bell from the South on 12/8/2008
I have recently begun to look for new ways to have a healthy lifestyle. I ate these chips at a friend's house and I was immediately hooked. They are very flavorful, lightly salted. My children and husband now love them, too.
very good
by sanc from jax, fla on 12/8/2008
Very good
These Are Really Great
by Shaun the Veg from Atlanta, GA on 11/27/2008
These are very good to snack on. I am vegetarian and I am always looking for something healthy to snack on. This is really great!
Is this really all vegetable?
by The Green Succah candy lady and man from Kemp Mill, Silver Spring, Maryland on 10/23/2008
Our numerous guests all stared before tasting this product. In the end, their hands stayed in the bowl! A very tasty treat for all, and it beat out the pretzel, raisins, candy and potato chip choices!!
by veggie chip hunter from Renton, WA on 10/5/2008
these are impossible to put away. I buy them 3 pounds at a time. that might only last me a week. SOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! my best advice : DONT SHARE!!!!! I think i might need therapy!
Yummy, Healthy & Satisfying!
by AlohaMary from Yarmouth Port on 9/12/2008
Just enough salt..and sooo yummy !
Im buying more!!!
by food is me from Jackson, MI on 8/26/2008
I cannot believe how much better these LOOK and TASTE than what I used to settle for in chips. These will be the "talk" of any gathering. One cannot go back to regular chips after these. Bought my first 2lb bag, going back for more.
Have you had your 5 servings today?
by Annie, the Bride from Spencer, MA on 8/22/2008
I wanted a nice, healthy snack to put on the tables of my wedding reception/cookout and I found this website. These veggie chips looked so nice in the bowls everyone was amazed and enjoyed them. I will definitely buy more of this product. It's a great snack for me to take to work.
I love these!!!
by Janice from Missouri on 8/4/2008
I found these at a local Farmers Market and absolutely love them. What a great chip. I think the Green beans are my favorite.
by Cass from Myrtle Beach, SC on 7/14/2008
I love food, I love new things, new tastes and I love to eat healthy. This hit all the above, it was crispy and sweet, yet a tad bit salty and extremely addictive. It would make a great gift or instead of chips at a party.
Mixed Vegetable Chips
by "Meals on Wheels" Mary from Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts on 7/2/2008
so delightful & satisfying when feeling peckish!
...and I do not even like vegetables
by LJ...reformed non-veggie eater from Pittsburgh, PA on 6/1/2008
These chips are very good! I have eaten "vegetable chips" from other companies but these are definitely THE best! and I am not even a big fan of vegetables.
What a find!!
by Paluamalia from Cape Cod, MA on 5/31/2008
We've been searching for these for months, we found them at Fresh Market in Florida and could not find them in New England.....UPS just dropped them off so we are munching on them now. Great healthy snack..satisfying just the way they are.
Eat your veggies!
by wrokat from Oak Park, IL on 5/1/2008
What a wonderful light snack. The veggies actually maiantain their flavor. NO DIPS NEEDED to enhance the snack.
Great snack for diabetics
by lil from huntington, west virginia on 4/29/2008
Love the healthy vegies and lack of white potatoes. Great snack to keep on hand.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1oz (28g)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat6g
Saturated Fat0.5g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate18g
Dietary Fiber2g
Total Sugars5g
Vitamin A2%
Vitamin C10%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Sweet potato, purple sweet potato, squash, taro, carrot, green bean, non-hydrogenated canola oil, fructose, sea salt.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products