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Arcor Candy

Maybe you grew up enjoying Arcor fruit and cream candy or you're just finding them now. Arcor Candy is based in Argentina and specializes in a wide range of confections since 1951. They export their delicious candies throughout the world. At Oh! Nuts®, we offer a large selection of these candies in different quantities including bulk at wholesale prices. You'll never have to go without your favorites again. Read More...

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8 Arcor Candy
Assorted Fruit Filled Candy
Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Vienna Filled Candy
Strawberry Creme Candy
Butter 'n Cream Hard Candy
Dairy Chalav Yisroel

Arcor Candy Varieties

We offer amazing fruit-flavored candy Enjoy their hard and sweet exterior with its chewy fruit filling bursts. Some Arcor candies we sell at Oh! Nuts, includes:

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Arcor is one of the best candy companies in Argentina. You can expect the best and freshest candy at Oh! Nuts all of the time. Check our website thoroughly and take care of all of your needs at our one-stop shop for quality candy. We offer free shipping in the contiguous United States for orders over $99.




 You Get

Arcor Cafe Espresso Butter Toffees

8-ounce bag, approximately 30 pieces

Arcor Butter ‘n Cream Hard Candy

Approximately 93 pieces per bag