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Maybe you grew up enjoying hard candies with fruit- or cream-filled centers, but have given up trying to find anything now that tastes the same. You need a brand that will probably even exceed your fondest memories, and that's Arcor candy. Based in Argentina, Arcor has specialized in a wide range of confections and much more since 1951, exporting its creations all over the world. Through Oh! Nuts, you can order these delightful candies in various quantities, and even in bulk, ensuring you'll never again go without!

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8 Arcor Candy
Vienna Filled Candy
$7.29 $7.01 per lb.
Butter 'n Cream Hard Candy
$8.47 $7.99 per lb.
Dairy Chalav Yisroel

We regularly offer some amazing fruit flavors, whether strawberry, cherry, and more. Whether you immediately bite in, or let it melt, you'll relish the moment when the chewy fruit filling bursts upon your taste buds, perfectly complementing the hard and sweet exterior. It will taste so authentically fruity, you'll almost wonder what happened to the pulp! Don't forget to also check the Arcor butter toffees for an alternate taste experience. You'll no doubt want some of each kind, so take advantage to mix and match quantities.

One candy is all it will take for you to understand why Arcor is one of the top-ranked companies in Argentina. You can always expect Oh! Nuts to find the best and make it available at the most reasonable prices. Check our site thoroughly and take care of all your needs at once, because we also offer free shipping in the contiguous U.S. when your order exceeds $99.

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