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Ovation Chocolates

The Ovation Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Balls from Oh! Nuts® will help satiate any chocolate lover. Besides their wonderful taste, these all-natural chocolates are beautifully foil-wrapped and packaged in 20 separate fruit-shaped slices. Best of all, they make great gifts and are fun to eat. Just tape the ball and it will split into 20 mouthwatering Ovation candy pieces that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. Read More...

9 Ovation Chocolates

Ovation Chocolate Break-A-Part Ball Flavor

At Oh! Nuts, our Ovation chocolate is certified kosher dairy. We sell these Ovation break apart chocolate balls in many flavors, including:

  • Ovation Chocolate Orange: The Milk Chocolate Orange Break-A-Part is a creamy and delicious treat. The blend of chocolate with a rich orange flavor is addicting.
  • Ovation Chocolate Raspberry: This berry chocolate flavor will have you having a hard time containing yourself from eating all of the foil-wrapped chocolate pieces.

For nut lovers, try the Chocolate Almond Break-A-Parts. Love peppermint? Opt for our dark chocolate infused with sweet peppermint. As you can see, there's something for everyone in our large Ovation candy inventory.

Enjoy Ovation Chocolate All Year Long

Whether for a sweet treat after a long day or for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, our Break-A-Parts make a great gift for everyone on your shopping list. We sell these fine candies and chocolate at low wholesale prices. Most of our orders ship within 24 hours during the business week, so you won't be waiting long for your sweet treats to arrive.