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Dryden & Palmer

Oh! Nuts® offers Dryden and Palmer rock candy in an assortment of colors and flavors that will please every palate. Most of us remember rock candy from childhood and may even have tried to make it ourselves! Composed of just sugar and water, rock candy is gluten and dairy-free. The pretty sugary crystals form along a string or a stick to create a tasty, long-lasting sweet treat. Buy rock candy on a stick or buy the crystals themselves and sprinkle them on ice cream or let them melt in a cup of tea for a unique and flavorful dessert experience.Read More...

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Colorful Candy Crystals

If you want to create a tempting display at a party or gathering, Dryden and Palmer old fashioned rock candy is a great way to do it. Oh! Nuts offer a great selection of colorful candy crystals in popular flavors like lime, watermelon, strawberry and orange to intrigue and enchant your guests. Colorful rainbow rock candy crystals add interest to the top of a plain frosted cake and can make cupcakes almost too pretty to eat. Colored rock candy crystals can be patterned together to make a great-tasting puzzle!

Buy in Bulk and Save

You can get some of the best prices on the Internet for Dryden and Palmer rock candy by buying in bulk. Candy strings in various flavors and colors can be purchased in a one-pound bag, a five-pound box or a 30-pound case with free shipping. Rock candy crystals can be purchased in the one or five-pound amount or in a 25-pound case. All of the Dryden and Palmer rock candy products are kosher and are dairy and gluten-free. You can count on the Dryden and Palmer rock candy brand to be fresh and flavorful with every delivery.

Candy name/type


Purple Rock Candy Strings - Grape

100 per oz.

Orange Rock Candy Crystals

100 per oz.

Large Unwrapped White Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

100 per 1 oz. stick