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Kenny's Candy

Licorice in Loads of Awesome Flavors

When you think about licorice twists, what comes to mind? Maybe black licorice or strawberry licorice - but what about peach licorice twists? How about pina colada, green apple, watermelon, blue raspberry or grape flavors? At Oh! Nuts, we've got a variety of flavors of Kenny's Candy licorice twists, all super flavorful and fruity. So even if you aren't a fan of black licorice, you don't have to worry, because we've got options. In addition to licorice twists, we've got juicy sour fruit straws - a candy that'll make your mouth pucker, but you won't want to put down. So take a peek at our licorice options sold from Kenny's Candy - there's something for everyone to love here.Read More...

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Make Sure to Get Some for Everyone

The super colorful and unique flavors of these licorice twists make them great for building into a candy platter for parties, weddings and other special events. Licorice twists are a classic candy choice and one that your guests won't want to stop gorging themselves on. With bulk options for licorice twists, you can order enough for every one of your guests and then some - or just enough to feed your own licorice cravings. Save big on wholesale prices and fill up on your favorite flavor of Kenny's licorice or sour straws or mix and match for a fun combination of flavors.

Turn it Into a Combo

So what goes good with licorice? A lot of things, actually - including soda pop if you're daring enough to use one like a straw. But licorice also goes fantastic when blended with a bunch of other candies of various fruity flavors and textures. Whether you mix together rock candy and licorice twists or go for a jelly bean and licorice combo platter, Oh! Nuts has you covered. Try making a party bowl with taffy candy or some of Oh! Nuts' house-made candies. The options are near-endless, just like our selection.