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Niagara Chocolates

Looking to keep your candy bowl overflowing or stock up on festive candies for New Year's, weddings or birthdays? The Niagara Chocolate Store at Oh! Nuts has you covered for it all, from tasty gift bags to seasonal candy dishes. Want red foil-wrapped chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day? What about silver and gold foil wrapped treats for Christmas? If you toss in green foil-wrapped milk chocolate balls with those red hearts from before, you've got yourself a fun combo for Christmas gift bags for kids or guests. Check out glowing reviews on affordable U.S.-made chocolates, and find everything for your event or just because in this Niagara candy selection.Read More...

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14 Niagara Chocolates
Silver Milk Chocolate Hearts shaped
Certified Kosher Dairy under the strict supervision of OK laboratories.
Chocolate Smiley Faces
Out of Stock
Certified Kosher Dairy under the strict supervision of OK laboratories.

  • What chocolates are gluten free?

Chocolates are gluten-free when they are made with products free of gluten, and they are individually labeled as such. Do be aware that it's hard to distinguish gluten-free from non-gluten-free when chocolate is made where gluten-based chocolate is made.

  • What are the main types of Niagara chocolate?

There are two types of Niagara chocolate available here at Oh! Nuts: foil chocolate hearts and foil chocolate balls.

  • What color is Niagara chocolate?

Niagara chocolate comes in an assorted foil colors, including kiwi green, bright pink, purple, yellow, light pink, white, black, Tiffany blue, pastel blue, brown, red, silver and gold. Some patterns include smiling faces on the foil and holiday-friendly designs for New Year's or Valentine's Day.

  • What flavor is Niagara chocolate?

Niagara chocolate balls and foil hearts come in a creamy, delicious milk chocolate that's sure to please a crowd.

  • Is Niagara chocolate vegan?

Niagara chocolate is not vegan, but it's certified kosher dairy.

Candy name/type

Pieces per pound

Kiwi Green Foiled Milk Chocolate Balls

Approximately 88 pieces per one pound

Chocolate Smiley Faces

About 60 pieces per one pound