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Elite Israeli Candy & Chocolate

Are you looking for kosher Israeli candy? Then you need to go no further than the Oh! Nuts® web page where we offer a wide selection of wonderful Elite Israeli Candy and Chocolate. Whether you're looking for chocolate, gum, fruit-flavored candy or sugar-free, you'll find it in our huge selection. You can choose rich, decadent chocolate bars like our Elite Milk Chocolate Bar Filled with Strawberry Cream, or you can enjoy the more health-conscious choices, like Elite Must Sugar-Free Cappuccino Candy. Whatever you decide upon, you can count on quality and freshness with every order.Read More...

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Elite Mini Caramel Bars Bag
Sold out for Passover 2021
Dairy Chalav Yisroel Certified Kosher for Passover under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union.

Jewish Chocolate Candy for Over 80 Years

Do you like coconut and yogurt? Then you should try some of those flavors in the Elite Israeli Candy and Chocolate selection of the Oh! Nuts web page. For over 80 years, Elite Israeli Chocolate has been making the finest in Jewish candy. All dairy in Jewish chocolate candy is certified kosher and our chocolate is not overly sweetened with sugar. You can enjoy the true flavor of quality chocolate without drowning in oversaturated sweetness. And don't forget Valentine's Day, since we also offer a heart-shaped gift box of Elite Dairy Hazelnut Truffles!

Certified Kosher Candy

All of the candy sold by Elite Israeli Candy and Chocolate is certified kosher and follows all Jewish dietary laws. We even offer Elite Instant Coffee! Even our customers who say they do not like instant coffee say that ours is great. And don't forget about our Shtix! Tasty milk chocolate sticks filled with flavored cream and button-shaped chocolate candies that look like lentils are bound to be a hit with kids of any age. You can create wonderful gift baskets for the holidays with Elite Israeli Candy and Chocolate, or you can even buy in bulk and use it for fundraisers!

Candy name/type


Elite White & Milk Chocolate Bar Filled With Strawberry Cream

160 in 1/3 bar

Elite Passover Chocolate Wafers (Kitniot) Gluten-Free

170 in 2

Elite Bittersweet Chocolate Bars

230 in 1/2 bar