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Osem Israeli Products Matzo & Matzah Crackers

When you want food and snacks that deliver more than just a quick taste rush, you should have a look at the selection of Osem Israeli products on the Oh! Nuts® website. Osem Israeli foods are a nutritional experience that helps you get fun snacks in the context of a healthy diet that delivers true nutritional benefits. One of the largest food manufacturers and distributors in Israel, Osem Israeli makes food products that are found in nearly every Israeli household, and they can become a part of your household, too! Read More...

2 Osem Israeli Products Matzo & Matzah Crackers

Food and Cooking Specialties

When you browse the selection of food and cooking specialties on the Osem Israeli page of the Oh! Nuts website, you will find a wide assortment of delicious choices. The Osem Passover Heat and Serve Mashed Potatoes are a convenient side dish for holiday dinners, gatherings or parties. Simply mix with hot water and you've got wonderful comfort food! Other quick-cooking options are Osem Israeli instant soups and family dishes. Or, you can try the tasty Passover Walnut Cake which is gluten-free and kosher, too.

Crackers, Pretzels and Snacks

If you're looking for a flavorful cracker that is satisfying and great with soups, you'll love Osem Israeli's Osem Passover products such as Israeli Egg Matzah. Kosher for Passover and all year round, these crackers are delivered to you crunchy and fresh. Want to decorate a plain salad? Then try the Passover Mini Croutons Rings. They're also great when dropped in a bowl of soup! If you are avoiding gluten, Osem Israeli's Passover Sea Salt Pretzel Thins are gluten-free but full of flavor. You may also enjoy the Barbecue Flavored Bissli Snack made with Matzoh Meal or the Onion Flavored Extra Long Bissli snack. Both deliver a crunchy, satisfying snacking experience. If you're craving sweets, check out our Chik-Chak dark or milk chocolate bars! Buy Israeli products on

Product Type

What You Get

 Passover Israeli Matzah High Fiber

10.5 oz. box

Passover Osem Mushroom Soup Mix

14.1 oz. container

 Passover Walnut Cake

8.8 oz. packaged cake