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Skittles Candy

Skittles for Anybody and Everybody

What's sweet, round and completely kosher? If you said the Skittles candy available from Oh! Nuts, you'd be our winner. At our online store, you can find a variety of Skittles flavors and sizes - and they're all completely kosher. Looking for a big bag of Skittles? We've got you covered, in original the fruit flavors, mouth-puckering crazy sours and even sweet and tangy wild berry. We don't just sell original Skittles here - we've got all types of Skittles available at wholesale prices so you can satisfy your sweet tooth.Read More...

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What Do Skittles Go Best With? Anything!

Whether you're just looking for some Skittles to snack on or are looking for the best possible addition to your snack mix, we've got you covered here. Buy some Skittles with one of our bulk chocolates and make the perfect combination of creamy and sweet, or pair them with one of our many selections of nuts for a unique salty and sweet trail mix that you couldn't get anywhere else. Skittles go great with our house-made chocolate candy buttons or jelly beans, and pair perfectly with some unique freeze-dried fruit. Buy a 14-count box of bags of Skittles and make gift bags with them or decorate a unique candy cake with the delightfully fruity treats.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Skittles aren't the only awesome candy we have in stock. At Oh! Nuts, we sell tons of name brand candies, from Jelly Belly jelly beans and Tootsie Rolls to M&M's Chocolate Candies and Mike and Ike's. We've got our own brands of unique, house-made candies as well, offering selections of Candy-Coated Popcorn, Sunsation Fruit Jellies, Dark Chocolate Nonpareils, Old-Fashioned Candy Filled Stix and so much more. At our online store, you can do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth - you can fix that craving for years to come with loads of unique candies, nuts, chocolates and more all at amazing prices.