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Halter Swiss Candy

Sugar-Free But Not Flavor Free

Sugar-free candy that's still deliciously sweet can be hard to come by. That's why we at Oh! Nuts have stocked up on Halter Swiss candy - scrumptious hard candy bonbons that are entirely sugar-free. Whether you're looking to lower your sugar intake or are just looking for something that won't give the kids too much of a sugar rush, these candies are a fantastic choice. Halter's Switzerland candy comes in many flavors, ranging from tart cherry and inviting coffee to fresh mint and sweet strawberry. Try other fruit flavors like lemon, orange, peach, raspberry, watermelon, apple and black currant or buy a few packs and find out which your favorite is. These candies are made with real fruit flavor for a delicious treat.Read More...

13 Halter Swiss Candy

Give the Gift of Delicious Candy

Looking for a great candy gift to hand out at work? Adding a sweet incentive to a promotion? Or maybe you just can't get enough of the delicious taste of these pure Swiss candies. No matter what your reasoning is, you'll be happy to know that you can order these sweets in bulk for extra savings. Nothing's quite like getting a lot of candy for a reasonable price. Each bonbon is a perfect hard candy for sucking on throughout the day, and they make a great reward for a hard day's effort.

Candy Means More to Us Than Just Sugar

It's true - candy, just like our nuts, dried fruit and chocolate, is something we're passionate about. That's why we've stocked our store with a large selection of delicious products like these Halter candies. Whether you've got a favorite bonbon, are interested in trying several flavors or are planning to browse through our entire candy selection, we're sure to have something that you'll love. So buy some candy for the crowd and become the life of the party or build a stockpile of sweets for your own cupboard - we wouldn't blame you.