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Mentos Candy

Who doesn't want to have minty fresh breath? Mentos fruit candy has long been a favorite of those looking for flavorful candy or gum. These no-sugar-added treats are made in Israel and are certified kosher and dairy-free. At Oh! Nuts®, we sell Mento candy and other favorites for wholesale prices and in bulk sizes. You'll never have to go without your sweet treat favorites again because of our large selection. We also always keep these items in stock, so they're already ready to be shipped to you quickly.Read More...

50 Mentos Candy
Mentos Assorted Fruit Candy Box - 9CT Case
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Assorted Mint Mentos Candy - 100CT Tub
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Mentos Mint Gum

This sugar-free gum is full of bold mint flavor. Each bottle of Mentos Pure Fresh Sugar-Free Gum has small gum nibs that can be shared with friends, family or coworkers. Keep a bottle handle so your breath stays refreshingly clean all day long. Oh! Nuts also sells Mentos Fruit Blast Red Fruit Lime gum, Pure Fresh Mint and Pure Fresh Spearmint.

Mentos Fruit Candy

The Mentos Mini Fruit Mix Bag features orange, strawberry, lemon and pineapple flavors. These mini-candy rolls are a customer favorite, especially kids. These fruit candies deliver a sugary crunch with a strong juicy fruit flavor in the chewy center. Yum!

Mentos Poppins Chewy Candies Sour Fruit box offers 15 bags of these delicious chewy fruit candies. They come in sour fruit flavors with a crispy candy crunch.

Candy Name

Items Per Container

Mentos Pure Fresh Sugar-Free Gum

Approximately 30 pieces

Mentos Mini-Candy Rolls

17 mini rolls

Mentos Poppins Chewy Candies Sour Fruit

15 bags